My glass was empty, and I decided go to the kitchen and get more coke. On the way, I need to get through the living room, where my sister was watching “Big Brother Brasil”. You know, that reality show about stupid people doing things they would never do in real live.

It was the first time I had a contact with this new “version” of the show. What impressed me the most was a girl that couldn’t even talk! I mean, I got all the words, but what she said didn’t make any sense.

I bet people get eliminated before the show start when the producers realize they aren’t retarded.

An empty bag…

So, yesterday, I didn’t have dinner. Today, I didn’t lunch and yet didn’t have my dinner. And I don’t feel hungry. So… that’s not the me I know.

Edit: After a big pizza, I’m back to who I am. :)

Edit 2: Never EVER do something like that. As my stomach was completely empty, I ate almost all the pizza. Just in case you are thinking that’s not so impressive, have in mind that the pizza has a radius of 20cm. So, just after eating the whole thing, I got some stomachache. I was really bad. Then I had the worst idea ever of laying with my stomach down. 1 point to everyone that realizes how much time ’til I throw up everything. On the good side, my stomach get better. It was the best worst thing that ever happened to me.

Edit 3: The pizza had a radius of 20cm and a diameter of 40cm (as Hisham pointed in the comments).

Scariest movie EVER!

I was putting some order in my CDs when I found “The Eye” (“Jian gui”). It is an Asian terror/thriller movie I got from a friend a looong time ago. As the last time I saw it was like two years ago, I decided to see it again, even knowing exactly what would happen (think this to yourself: how many movies did you saw just once and can remember the story two years later?). So, even remembering every turn, every point where the film is scary and such, I still got pretty scared seeing it again.

Finally, it looks like the World Social Forum is seen by the world

I’m impressed on how much the World Social Forum is getting interest from the communication media. I can’t remember our local news with updates from the previous Forums. Even the national news is going into daily reports directly from the Forum.

I few years ago, this was something unthinkable. The government was radically right wing; news about this forum was something against the political direction of the government. Even when you governor got in his chair, the Forum moved to Africa, ’cause of these discrepancies. But now, even him bend over and it is not complaining. Even better: he just disappeared completely.

Now, for some opinions of someone that is not a brazilian, you can read the Lawrence Lessig blog for his opinions.

Quick, to the Beatle-car!

Stan Lee, creator of Spider-man is partnering with Ringo Starr to create a new hero, based on the later.

Now, I’m just thinking about what super-powers Ringo would have: loud sounds to confuse his enemies? Sing to make people go into a good mood? Jeez.

I’m back

My God! I’m back! I mean, look at the rants! Three posts of rants in a row! And one is a meta-rant! That’s the me I know! :)

A problem with GMail

This is something I noticed in GMail a long time ago, thought about sending it to the developers, never found an email address and just forgot the whole thing. Today I saw the problem again and, instead of sending an email (to a place that I have no address), I will just post it here. :)

My gripe with GMail is the “More actions…” combo. Why? There is one fundamental flaw in the way it works: combos are selectors, not actuators. By that I mean that a combo is a widget used to select something, not to do something. Buttons are actuators (input boxes are data entries, but that’s not the case here).

One thing people doesn’t seem to get when building interfaces is what the selected widget represents. A button is an actuator, it do some action; input boxes/checkboxes/radio buttons/lists are entries, a way to the user add/edit data to be used; combos are selectors, they show options (and only do that). When people doesn’t get it, you have interfaces where combos act as actuators, input boxes that are actuators and some other things that aren’t neither of the above and try to act like something wasn’t designer for, like one table where you paint the background of the rows to make it look like a list — with the side-effect that you can’t control the selected row with your keyboard.

GMail is nice, but its interface is something bad written.

How to write bad code

Today I saw the following (horrible) code (variables names have been changed to protect the innocents):

char *aux;

aux = NULL;	/* workaround for compiler warning */
if (value == 1)
    aux = “something”;
else if (value == 2)
    aux = “something”;
else if (value == 3)
    aux = “other thing”;

if (strcmp (aux, “something”)
    printf (“I said something!”);

One cookie for anyone that sees two stupid things. Hm, no, it’s too easy, no cookies.

First, you have that stupid comment saying “workaround”. What workaround? If value is not 1, 2 or 3, aux isn’t initialized and you get a nice compiler warning. YOU FORGOT THE OTHER OPTIONS!

Next, you have two if’s doing the same thing (I just did an attribution, but the original code did a lot more). WHY THE HELL ARE YOU REPEATING CODE? MORE LINES == MORE BUGS!

Man, there are some people around that doesn’t get what a “code path” means. I mean, I could easily spot the problems just on the first look. This look like a code written by someone that never ever did a “table test” (you know, you write your code on a paper and test it with numbers you made up, checking what would happen on each line).

“Enterprise” bashing on Slashdot… again

Again, Slashdot posted some news about the season finale of “Star Trek: Enterprise”. And, again, there is some horde of people saying “let this crap die”.

I really don’t get these people. “Enterprise” is just as good as any of the other series. Ok, it has its lows and highs, but it’s not as worst as any of the other. And I could point that, sometimes, it is even better.

As when T’Pol, a vulcan woman, get some strange virus that activates her sexual cycle. When other series pointed that vulcans have seasonal mating? This is one of the things the other series never told: how vulcans behave, how they mate, which diseases they have… Every other series just pointed that they don’t talk nonsense, have a rigorous logic and have no feelings (or suppress them).

The last episode of “Enterprise” I saw had one of the most impressive turns I ever saw in any of the series: the captain Archer decided to attack one hopeless ship in order to get their anti-matter reactor. Never ever one captain decided to attack an alien species without them attacking first. Archer had his reasons: they should meet some other ship in order to save mankind and their anti-matter reactor was non-functional after a fierce attack. Of course, they go to the normal Star Trek way of solving problems: first, Archer meet the aliens and offered a lot of supplies in exchange to their reactor, which was refused. Archer then explained the problem to the other captain which, being non-human, had nothing to worry about, except his crew, like any other captain in Star Trek. Basically, the episode put one Federation captain in a decision to allow his race to die or act against his most sacred believes.

Enterprise may had a bad start, but, right now, it is getting the most of the Star Trek universe.