“Enterprise” bashing on Slashdot… again

Again, Slashdot posted some news about the season finale of “Star Trek: Enterprise”. And, again, there is some horde of people saying “let this crap die”.

I really don’t get these people. “Enterprise” is just as good as any of the other series. Ok, it has its lows and highs, but it’s not as worst as any of the other. And I could point that, sometimes, it is even better.

As when T’Pol, a vulcan woman, get some strange virus that activates her sexual cycle. When other series pointed that vulcans have seasonal mating? This is one of the things the other series never told: how vulcans behave, how they mate, which diseases they have… Every other series just pointed that they don’t talk nonsense, have a rigorous logic and have no feelings (or suppress them).

The last episode of “Enterprise” I saw had one of the most impressive turns I ever saw in any of the series: the captain Archer decided to attack one hopeless ship in order to get their anti-matter reactor. Never ever one captain decided to attack an alien species without them attacking first. Archer had his reasons: they should meet some other ship in order to save mankind and their anti-matter reactor was non-functional after a fierce attack. Of course, they go to the normal Star Trek way of solving problems: first, Archer meet the aliens and offered a lot of supplies in exchange to their reactor, which was refused. Archer then explained the problem to the other captain which, being non-human, had nothing to worry about, except his crew, like any other captain in Star Trek. Basically, the episode put one Federation captain in a decision to allow his race to die or act against his most sacred believes.

Enterprise may had a bad start, but, right now, it is getting the most of the Star Trek universe.