An empty bag…

So, yesterday, I didn’t have dinner. Today, I didn’t lunch and yet didn’t have my dinner. And I don’t feel hungry. So… that’s not the me I know.

Edit: After a big pizza, I’m back to who I am. :)

Edit 2: Never EVER do something like that. As my stomach was completely empty, I ate almost all the pizza. Just in case you are thinking that’s not so impressive, have in mind that the pizza has a radius of 20cm. So, just after eating the whole thing, I got some stomachache. I was really bad. Then I had the worst idea ever of laying with my stomach down. 1 point to everyone that realizes how much time ’til I throw up everything. On the good side, my stomach get better. It was the best worst thing that ever happened to me.

Edit 3: The pizza had a radius of 20cm and a diameter of 40cm (as Hisham pointed in the comments).