Church is all about marketing

Man, I simply hate the catholic church. There you have Karol Józef Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, an 85 man, suffering with the Parkinson’s disease, among several other problems, and the fuckers say he will not resign.

Why make the poor man suffer in front of so much people? My guess: they want him to die as a pope, so there would be a great commotion about the Christians, and a way to attract more people or bring the ones that don’t come too frequently. And that’s why the people on the Vatican don’t want him to leave the papacy: with a new pope, Karol’s dead would mean much less for them. The dead of the pope is much more marketable than the dead of one pope.

Fuck the church. Pick up your faith and leave them alone.

And you thought Brazil had weird city names…

Directly from Slashdot:

  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Intercourse, PA
  • Blue Ball, PA
  • Beaverdale, PA
  • Manda Gap, PA
  • Scalp Level, PA
  • Stalker, PA
  • Burning Well, PA
  • Gaysport, OH
  • Businessburg, OH
  • Why, AZ
  • Cadillac, FL
  • Energy, IL
  • Normal, IL
  • Sac City, IA
  • Zook, KS
  • Cadillac, KY
  • Ordinary, KY
  • Hazard, KY
  • Christmas, MI
  • Gay, MI
  • Hell, MI
  • Nirvanna, MI
  • Paradise, MI
  • Askew, MS
  • Hot Coffee, MS
  • Competition, MO
  • Novelty, MO
  • Flying H, NM
  • Truth Or Consequences, NM
  • Weed, NM
  • Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • Can do, ND
  • Happyland, OK
  • Boring, OR
  •, OR
  • North, SC
  • Gayville, SD
  • Mud Butte, SD
  • Bushland, TX
  • Earth, TX
  • Gun Barrel City, TX
  • Needmore, TX
  • Tiki Island, TX
  • Study Butte, TX
  • Telegraph, TX
  • Best, TX
  • Boston, TX
  • Old Boston, TX
  • New Boston, TX
  • Index, WA
  • Ruff Starbuck, WA
  • Walla Walla, WA
  • Acme, WV
  • Friendly, WV
  • Odd, WV
  • Sod, WV

I think I should put some of this cities on my vacation itinerary. Who would want to visit Earth? Or Why? You could even take a trip to Hell and then go to Nirvana…

How Will You Die?

You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say? Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.



















Cut Throat


Natural Causes






How Will You Die??
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Somewhat, I already knew it.

Edit 1: temporary problem MY ASS!

Why the new Galactica sucks so much

Today I saw another episode of the new “Battlestar: Galactica” and finally found out why I think it is so bad:

First, you have a story about human kind facing a great danger and, instead of fighting for survival, they run. I mean, if you look any other story (any, it could be another series or a movie or even a book) where the human race is put on a corner, they will find that mystical force, put themselves together and win. On this BSG they scream like little girls and just run.

If you look at the old series, they where going to another planet, a place where the Cylons still didn’t touch. They didn’t have enough resources and they needed to go non-stop. But, when facing the Cylons, they would always fight back. In the current series, they simply run.

Second, every character is flawed. There is no one that you could use as a model. Here, take a look:

  • Commander William Amada: commander of the Battlestar Galactica, he seems to only love his sons if they become pilots. The typical stereotype of the father in the army.
  • Starbuck: a fine pilot, but has more serious psychological issues than me. She blames herself for killing Zachary Adama, which is true.
  • Lee Adama: seems that he is always trying to look better than his dead brother in the eyes of his father.
  • Dr. Gaius: the first contact of the human-like Cylons, he gets information from then inside his head. But he never told this to anyone and, when trying to help, always do this a little bit too late.
  • President Laura Roslin: took the power when all the other elected political faces died, is dying and is not telling anyone about this. Or doing anything. Right now, it looks like she just goes to her cabinet and count dead people.

All I wanted is a character with something positive. Like someone who would do anything for love. Actually, there is a guy in the series like that, but he is lost in a planet, dying, is being controlled by the human-like Cylons (that looks like his girlfriend) and doesnt’ appear to much. Right now, I think that, if he dies, nothing would change in the history.

Third, there is no “savior”. If you go to real life, you know that “a chain is as strong as it weakest link”. On movies, they put problems like a cement slab, hanging in the celling by cables and putting the Innocent below the slab. So, to keep the slab, you need a lot of cables or a few strong ones. On BSG, there are no strong ones. And just a few cables.

Fourth, the “Blair Witch” camera. For gods sake, that suck! It looks like directors think doing that is “edgy”. Well, guess what: is a real PITA trying to follow a history when the camera goes: focus character 1, focus table, focus character 2, focus wall, focus character 1.

Four bad reasons and zero good ones is enough to make me stop watching it. I’ll keep my “Star Trek: Enterprise”, thank you very much.

Is Beatlemania out again and nobody told me?

I’m getting the impression that the Beatlemania is out again.

Yesterday, on Simpsons, Lisa had to put a corrective dental device and, to do this, she had to be knock out with gas (you know, “breathe this” and you go to sleep). After breathing the gas, she had a strange dream that looked a lot like “Yellow Submarine”, the movie. They even put a purple submarine with four guys in it that really looked like the Beatles. I think the translation cut another pun when one the guys say something in the lines of “Lisa is flying”, which I think should be “Lisa in the Sky”.

Today, switching channels, I stopped on Cartoon Network and saw a part of “PowerPuff Girls”. I got it from the second half, but it looked like Mojo Jojo united with other three villains and formed a bad group called “Beat All”. Then he found a female monkey called Moko Jono and the group disbanded, basically ‘cause he was going to “Moko Jono said that screaming would hurt people’s ears, and that’s what we want to do” and “Moko Jono said that white stuff can be stolen” (while stealing flour and eggs and milk). They even added the Moko Jono trainer, called Jude, and the girls present she to Mojo saying “Hey Jude!”.

And, after a little search, it looks like it is the brazilian channels doing their worst again: the Simpsons episode was first aired 1993/03/11 and the PowerPuff Girls on 2001/02/09.

(BTW, be sure to check the PowerPuff quotes from that episode. Lots of references to Beatles)