I’m the king of procrastinators

(12:54:39) Cadu: I need my friends
(12:54:49) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: for what
(12:54:51) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: ?
(12:55:12) Cadu: to create the Justice Palace
(13:00:44) Cadu: Didn’t you like the idea?
(13:01:10) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: no, because there is no justice
(13:02:17) Cadu: so let’s create it
(13:02:52) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: then you can define justice as “separate people”
(13:02:57) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: create the palace of “separate people”
(13:03:01) slow [The navigator is heading for hell]: and nobody needs to do anything

Great White – Waiting For Love

Every day I wake to find
Empty arms, shuttered blinds
No one holding to my side
Laying in my lonely bed
Confused about the things we said
Nothing straight in my mind

I can’t stand waiting, anticipating
Being here without you
Waiting for love
I’m waiting for love

A prisoner in an ivory tower
stranded in my darkest hour
On a broken bridge of sighs
If it’s true that love has lied
If it’s true my heart will cry
No one else can make it right

I can’t stand waiting, anticipating
Being here without you
Only if I could see you
My heart will always need you
Here I stand, heart in hand for you

Waiting for love
Waiting for love
Waiting for love
I’m just waiting for your love

I can’t stand waiting, anticipating
Here I stand, heart in hand
Waiting on you

I’m waiting
I’m just waiting for your love
Well, I’m waiting for your love
Waiting for love
Now waiting

Please, please
Waiting for love
Your love
Give it, give your love
Waiting, waiting

They are letting me without choices

My desktop computer is dying. My laptop is dying. I need a new notebook. So, what choices I have?

First, I really thought about getting myself a PowerBook. It was quite clear I would buy one. Then, on the Ubuntu-Users maillist, I saw someone mentioning that Linux, on PowerBooks, still have a lot missing to make it really user-usable (like hardware suspend and other small things — suspend being somewhat important to me). My thought in the time was “Well, ok then. I would still have OS X, right?”. Then you start getting news like Apple forcing users to update iTunes to disable music sharing on intranets (sorry, couldn’t find a link) and Apple not playing nice with KHTML (which, by the way, brought a lot of good stuff and momentum to Apple). So,

1) They could take something I use when they want (they can take away some of my freedoms) and
2) They don’t respect people who give me freedoms.

I’m so pissed off about Apple attitude towards open source that I just scratched their name from my buying list.

My next option would be a x32/x64 processor. And, on this side, I would always take one IBM ThinkPad. I have one, it is dying, but the motherfucker is, at least, 6 years old, maybe even more. And still kicking ass, albeit a little bit slow. But IBM sold their notebook company to a Japanese company and I don’t really believe they would keep the “you can throw a termo-nuclear bomb in it and it will still boot your preferred operating system” model (ThinkPads are really expensive compared to other laptops with the same specs).

Dell is famous for being cheap and breaking quite easily.

I saw some Toshibas and never liked their design.

Sony Vaio is cute, but Linux support on it still quite flawed, as far as I know.

People, any idea here?

Firefox: Almost 50.000.000 downloads

Spread Firefox, the Firefox advocacy site, added a little counter to the 50th million download.

It was a looong road. I can recall using some of the Mozilla Milestones on my OS/2. It was ugly, it was slow and it crashed. And I give up.

Then, years later, Mozilla finally got a version. 0.8 if my memory still work. It was not the most stable thing on Earth, but at least it was a decent browser for GNU/Linux, my operating system at the time. Then came GTK+2 and b0rked everything for some time, but, eventually, we got a Mozilla 1.0 running somewhat nicely on GNU/Linux.

Oh, and we even got some pretty front-ends on GNU/Linux: Galeon, Skipstone and then Epiphany. And I used all of them.

And some other versions followed: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. And around 1.4 someone said something about a standalone browser of the Mozilla suite. It really got me quite surprised on why someone would run a standalone browser when he/she could get a browser, an email application, an HTML editor and even an IRC client in just one package. Time passes and, again around Firebird/Firefox version 0.8, I start using it. You know, it crashed and was slow but it really looked nicer than the Mozilla Suite.

And then, finally, Firefox 1.0 arrived, with but publicity and all the parties (I didn’t go in any of them, btw). And Firefox is now on version 1.0.3 and it is one the most stable and secure browsers around. And my browser of choice.

Way to go, Firefox.

Palladium Starter Edition

Want to hear something funny? Microsoft will drop another feature from Windows Longhorn. This time is the so-much-spoked-and-hated Palladium, which will be included, but with several cuts on it. Much like the Windows Starter Edition.

Now, let’s count: they promised Avalon, a XML GUI builder and it looks like it will be in. Avalon will also include support for hardware acceleration, much like Apple did with Aqua. And I won’t mention that building GUI applications with XML was done a long time ago by the Mozilla guys (which also include support for mixed XML-with-JavaScript-events) and Glade. WinFS, which would index all your files to easy finding, was completely removed. But Apple will deliver something similar with Tiger and the GNOME guys did something like it with Beagle.

Those three features were the biggest in the new Windows, and only one will really go on. It really looks like Microsoft is taking a five year rewriting of Windows XP. Talk about shooting itself in the foot…

GNU breakage

One of the things that really annoys me is the GNU glibc headers is the strptime/snprintf mutual exclusion.

To get strptime, you need to #define _XOPEN_SOURCE before including time.h. But you need to do it before including any other header file, as it seems that every other header already includes it. But, when you do it, for some reason beyond my understanding, the snprintf prototype simply disappears.

“Facility or security. Pick one.”?

Diary of a madman

(13:02:29) Cadu: Hello, I’m Cadu.
(13:02:32) Cadu: ahaaaaaaa
(13:02:35) Cadu: Gotcha
(13:03:00) Cadu: :D
(13:03:08) slow [Insanity laughs, under pressure we’re breaking]: well, that’s an improvement
(13:03:20) slow [Insanity laughs, under pressure we’re breaking]: at least you left those illusions that you are someone else…
(13:03:32) Cadu: Dude, I was just joking
(13:03:43) Cadu: I said I was Cadu just to see what you would say
(13:03:51) Cadu: ’cause, actually, I’m Tom Hanks

Just a quick note: Cadu, for some reason, decided to bug me for about two months, calling on IM everyday just to say he was Tom Hanks.