More Nokia support for free software

I think right now almost everybody in the technology area knows about the Nokia 770, a tablet PC that will run Linux, with GPE as a “desktop” environment (can we call it a “desktop”?).

Today, in the GUADEC, Nokia announced that the part of the sales of this new device will be donated to the GNOME Foundation, as GPE is somewhat part of the GNOME Desktop. My bet is that this will revert as more bounties.

And the Nokia guys also announced they will not use their patent portfolio against Linux, the most well-known free software.

Even if Richard Stallman doesn’t like it, I think is a good think another big company offering support and security for free software.

Good radiance.

There is not better marketing than that

Windows XP home edition: R$ 750,00
Ordering 10 Ubuntu CDs: Free
Seeing the governor of the biggest state in Brazil bashing Microsoft: PRICELESS!

There are campaigns that require money. For everything else, there is Microsoft incompetence.

Ok, jokes aside, there is, actually, something really really good for Free Software in Brazil: in the early days, Free Software was a campaign of just one party (the workers party, PT here). But the governor of São Paulo is the leader of the opposite party (the democratic socialist party, PSDB here) is also against the big software company now. So, the biggest players in the Brazilian political scene see Microsoft as a bad thing (one for philosophical reasons, the other for practical reasons).

This is good. Very, very good.

Technology reports are a joke

Reading the headlines from Google News, I found this: Windows wipes floor with Linux. Now THAT’S a provocative headline.

So, there I go reading the (tiny) article. And it is so full of bullshit that you must hold yourself in the chair to not go after Manek Dubash and kick his/her ass so hard that even his/her kids couldn’t sit right.

First, it is pointed that the income from Windows sales is almost the same from Linux sales. Sure, mister. Except that Windows Servers cost almost the double than a Linux server, and this thing is even not count people that download a free distribution and install without having to pay anyone, or having an in-house server admin.

Now, remove that. What you get is a report of a company funded by Microsoft saying that Microsoft Windows Servers are going good. Just that. Everything else just point that Linux on servers is keeping its fast pace in the server market. Everyone could just check NetCraft to see if Windows servers are really picking up the internet. And, even if you look that, you could see Apache wiping the floor of Microsoft technologies.

Tech Magazines are a joke.

Edit 1: Then you read this other report, that looks like was wrote using the same IDC report, showing right the opposite…

Pyctoid is really needed

Today, just for fun, I tried to install WordPress to work as my blog engine. Let’s just forget for two seconds that it requires MySQL and PHP and that the only requirement of Pyctoid will be a web server (maybe not even that, if you just want to use directly in your computer and don’t publish it to anyone else).

So, after much struggling, I could put it to work. Kind of. I got all kind of errors about referers and, suddenly, the fucker didn’t let admin logout.

Really, the world needs Pyctoid.

New music

I just got two albums of almost unknown artists (at least, here in Brazil): Jan Hammer and The Blue Man Group.

Jan Hammer in the album “Beyond The Mind’s Eye” is made of keyboard songs, with very slow tempo. Some of the musics are nice, but not something I think is impressive. As you could see in his biography, he made the music for “Miami Vice” and one of the songs really sound nice. “Transformer”, based on the opening of the original series, also sound really nice.

Blue Man Group with “The Complex”, in other hand, is a very nice thing to hear. You may recall them from the Intel Pentium 4 ad. Their songs are almost rock, with a pinch of electronic sounds. Not to mention the various punches in the PVC, bringing another dimension to drumming. Very very nice.

I under-appretiate my own code

Last night I got my hands on “Journey – The Greatest Hits”. So, again, I brought my notebook to the office to run MusicTagger on it to fix the tags. And, naturally, the files had some naming scheme that didn’t fit on my current “library”. That’s when I run MMM over them and SHAZAM!, everything in place again.

I never thought I would like this little guy so much.