Changing plans?

There I was, planning everything to go to US just to see Def Leppard, reading that is was amazing and thinking about an idea gave me, about renting a Harley Davidson and cruising through the Route 66, when my mom invite me to go with her and my dad to europe. Italy and Swiss, if my memory still works (and I know it segfaults from time to time).

Now I have to choose between going to a place, alone, seeing some show and running around, alone OR going to a place where I’ll not understand a word with my parents with no special direction.

Just before my crash, the first option was the most probable. But, right now, I think I’ll just throw everything I planed and just go with some people I care about and I can’t see for a looong time.

Who is the nut-cracker of free software now?

I was reading Everybody Loves Eric Raymond and got some weird message from Bruce Perens about Eric Raymond threading Bruce. At first, I thought it was just a joke among friends (after all, they were both members of the OSI board) but, reading the thread further, it really looked like something serious. And, for some reason, that made me think about Eric reaction to a question in FISL and how angry he got, and the way he spoke in Revolution OS: it was somewhat angry, somewhat aggressive; quite the opposite of Perens, which looked like a little shy boy cornered.

Also, one thing I remember clearly is that some of the OSI board members (like Danese Cooper and Russell Nelson) pointed that Richard Stallman changed his way to teach people about free software from a very angry position to a more talkative and calm way.

It looks like free software needs a rotating nut-cracked and, as RMS stepped out, Eric decided to pick up the place…

How can you trust them?

Today, on my Windows box at work (well, it’s my ONLY Windows box, anyway) there was some updates. As I’m curious, I decided to go with the custom install, just to see what would be upgraded. It was just one simple update, something to allow smaller update packages, as far as I got. But one thing really got me:

“You may have to restart your computer after this install”.

MAY have”?!? What, didn’t they know what the fuck their update would do? What’s next? An update that may fix a serious vulnerability, but they aren’t sure about it?

What kind of Jedi are you?

What kind of Jedi are you?
LJ Username
Sex MaleFemale
Dark Side Growth Potential – 15%

Light Side Growth Potential – 82%

Master’s Name lucasvr
How likely you are to lose a limb – 100%

Lightsaber Blade’s color Pink
Lightsaber Style Two Lightsabers, one in each hand
This fun quiz by neo_epyon – Taken 68582 Times.

New – Help with love and dating!

In case you didn’t noticed it ( noticed) I managed to PUT THE WRONG AGE! DAMN FUCKING MEMORY FROM HELL! And now, fixing the age… everything changes!

Running in circles

Today I caught myself
Thinking about her again

Making up hopes
Tearing them apart
At the weight of reality

Sometimes I want to cry
But my tears have run dry

I try to move my mind
Far far away
Seeing movies
Playing with my projects

But, no matter what
I know I’m running in circles
And then, someday
I will catch myself
Thinking about her again

It’s all about design

Looking at the sad state of my homepage, I thought it was time to give up putting a blog there, as the only thing I missed in LiveJournal was added a few days ago — tags, and put some kind of Wiki. SlowHome would become more of a information repository than a blog.

The problem here is that all the wikis I tried to use (PHPWiki and TWiki are two that I can remember) were hard to use and configure, even if they allowed to do several things. So, why not use the (not yet implemented) features of Pyctoid to build a Wiki? It may prove useful, after all.

The only problem in building a Wiki right now is that Pyctoid would be put aside and that’s something I really don’t want to really do. I spent a lot of time already thinking about structures and how to implement them to simply drop them out (I’ve already dropped all the codebase once I won’t do it again). So, the idea would be build a Wiki and then add Pyctoid over it, making Pyctoid as a “blogging engine with wiki features”. Looked cool.

While I was thinking about it, I just realize that, in fact, a blog and a wiki are not too different: the only thing that put them apart is the fact that on a blog, all the indexes are dates and not keywords. Putting a blog with wiki is nothing more than handling some more indexes to control.

When I finally managed to convince myself that this was the way to go, it was time to think about the implementation itself: as I’ve already noted, the main thing in both projects are indexes, and this looked like a good start, build the indexes management first and then adding things above them. This was quite simple in Python, as all I need are the dictionaries. But I keep going to this thing about building an object to hold things and add methods that will just hide the already easy dictionary interface in Python. I really don’t get why the hell I want to do this (actually, I fought with myself about this matter a long time). Somehow, I choose to follow my instincts: there will be an Index object just to hide the dictionaries. Maybe I add something more, but it will be nothing more than that.

Oh, by the way: I choose to call this wiki “Pysalis”. Why? Well, I’m into this “UFO” name calling (Sectoid) and changing the beginning with “Py”. So “Crisalis” became “Pysalis”. Lame, huh?

That’s taking things a little bit too much

One headline to take your attention: Russian Schoolboy dies after 12 hours of Computer Gaming. I bet the first thing that came to your mind was: “Oh! Like that korean guy!”. Well, not quite: everything looks like the boy already had health problems, but wasn’t caring about himself because of the game; not like the korean guy who simply decided not to eat, drink or sleep because of the game.

But both stories probably share the same reasoning: why these two care more about their lives inside the game than their lives in the real world? The only thing that come to my mind is that their real lives where sad (in their eyes) and they felt they could lead a full, happy life just inside the games. Games are not the problem here (they never are): people had problems in real life and instead of looking for help, they decide to escape reality.

Sad thing, that could be me.