It’s all about design

Looking at the sad state of my homepage, I thought it was time to give up putting a blog there, as the only thing I missed in LiveJournal was added a few days ago — tags, and put some kind of Wiki. SlowHome would become more of a information repository than a blog.

The problem here is that all the wikis I tried to use (PHPWiki and TWiki are two that I can remember) were hard to use and configure, even if they allowed to do several things. So, why not use the (not yet implemented) features of Pyctoid to build a Wiki? It may prove useful, after all.

The only problem in building a Wiki right now is that Pyctoid would be put aside and that’s something I really don’t want to really do. I spent a lot of time already thinking about structures and how to implement them to simply drop them out (I’ve already dropped all the codebase once I won’t do it again). So, the idea would be build a Wiki and then add Pyctoid over it, making Pyctoid as a “blogging engine with wiki features”. Looked cool.

While I was thinking about it, I just realize that, in fact, a blog and a wiki are not too different: the only thing that put them apart is the fact that on a blog, all the indexes are dates and not keywords. Putting a blog with wiki is nothing more than handling some more indexes to control.

When I finally managed to convince myself that this was the way to go, it was time to think about the implementation itself: as I’ve already noted, the main thing in both projects are indexes, and this looked like a good start, build the indexes management first and then adding things above them. This was quite simple in Python, as all I need are the dictionaries. But I keep going to this thing about building an object to hold things and add methods that will just hide the already easy dictionary interface in Python. I really don’t get why the hell I want to do this (actually, I fought with myself about this matter a long time). Somehow, I choose to follow my instincts: there will be an Index object just to hide the dictionaries. Maybe I add something more, but it will be nothing more than that.

Oh, by the way: I choose to call this wiki “Pysalis”. Why? Well, I’m into this “UFO” name calling (Sectoid) and changing the beginning with “Py”. So “Crisalis” became “Pysalis”. Lame, huh?