Who is the nut-cracker of free software now?

I was reading Everybody Loves Eric Raymond and got some weird message from Bruce Perens about Eric Raymond threading Bruce. At first, I thought it was just a joke among friends (after all, they were both members of the OSI board) but, reading the thread further, it really looked like something serious. And, for some reason, that made me think about Eric reaction to a question in FISL and how angry he got, and the way he spoke in Revolution OS: it was somewhat angry, somewhat aggressive; quite the opposite of Perens, which looked like a little shy boy cornered.

Also, one thing I remember clearly is that some of the OSI board members (like Danese Cooper and Russell Nelson) pointed that Richard Stallman changed his way to teach people about free software from a very angry position to a more talkative and calm way.

It looks like free software needs a rotating nut-cracked and, as RMS stepped out, Eric decided to pick up the place…