Another vision for a dream

Last night, I and my “honorary little brother” went to Dado Bier to hang together and drink some cold ones. They weren’t really cold ones (and went to normal temperature quite quickly), but it was really fun, nonetheless.

One of the funny things we do is play each other psychologist. He tells me his problems, I tell him mines and we keep juggling them between each other, trying to help each other. One of the things we talked was about my dream of the burning forest.

First, let me put this: I was quite tired of being seated all time and I was on my foot when we explained what he thought.

In his vision, the forest is something pure, something natural (yeah, I told him what my psychologist told, so he accepted it and added a little bit). The explosion is the change. I started the explosion, so I want a change. And this change means losing my purity, the things that I was starting to accept.

At this time, I had to seat down again. Somewhat it made sense to me.

But there is something I just realized: to create the explosion, I hit the gas pipe with a shovel. To me, it seems that the shovel means work. So my work is hitting my energy and destroying my instincts.

And I have to hear two girls saying “Women are complicated”. Yeah, right. I had more issues than the Playboy magazine. :)