A new road

So, there was a long time since I didn’t post anything tech related. I really don’t know why, maybe ’cause I’m trying to fix some things in my life and such.

Just to put myself back on the road, I decided to split my blog. Yup, that’s right, now I have TWO blogs (well, actually three, if you count the one on last.fm, being music related). I decided to split just to rant/criticize/praise the Linux Desktop effort, and just to try something new.

The new blog is being hosted by Blogger. Why Blogger? Well, to be honest here, their multi-user-blog interface is way better than LiveJournal, looking more seamless. So, if you use a Linux Desktop other than I (which is GNOME, by the way) and have a Blogger account or just want to mess around with it, be my guest.

The new project starts at the road to linux desktop.