The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide

I finally managed to finish reading my The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide book, with all the stories about Arthur Dent and the famous guide.

As I pointed before, there are 6 stories inside of it, all related. And, as I pointed, the first books are quite good, going pretty close the movie (or the other way around, if you read the book before seeing the movie).

The problem is that, for some reason, the things I found most amusing about it were slowly being removed for the story. “Hitchhiker’s” do an excelent job playing with the infinite improbability generator, but it got somewhat forgotten on “The Restaurant”, so Douglas Adams focus on something else for the nonsensical fun of the book: Marvin. But Marvin also got out of the stories in “Life, the Universe and Everything”, so you got to hold on something else. And that something else also got scrapped later. And so on.

That’s what I think the later books fail: they lost completely the sense of continuity, there isn’t the nonsensical fun the first books had and they appear to be more a sci-fi book than a comedy book. Ok, they are somewhat fun, but not as fun as the first ones.