Missing person report

I would like to ask people to help me find slow again. It’s days since I saw him last time. I thought I found him this morning leaving his psychologist, but the guy was almost bouncing, like a little kid who just got the new toy advertised on TV. I don’t know, but I think slow would never bounce that way.

Any information is welcome.

A strange thought

This is coming to me a few days already, so…

When life throws lemons at you, pick them up, make a big lemonade, with sugar and a lot of ice cubes and throw everything over life’s head. After its surprise, you two will start laughing pretty hard and will become good friends ’cause, hey, life is good.

And that is strange because I’m thinking it.

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))

People see love in your eyes. You either love
everyone around you ooor…somebody’s in
loooove, no? Seriously, though… You seem to
have a lot of love in your heart right now.
You’re singing songs and picking flowers…or
at least you feel like doing so. And we can’t
forget floating on air, right? Well, don’t let
anyone ruin that for you, and if things don’t
turn out…don’t worry over it. There are worse
things, and you know it.

What can people see in your eyes?(great ANIME pics)((IMPROVED!!!))
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Someone will understand why I posted this

The Pretenders – I’ll Stand By You

Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now.
Don’t be ashamed to cry, let me see you through
Cause I’ve seen the dark side too.

When the night falls on you, you don’t know what to do,
Nothing you confess could make me love you less

I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you,
won’t let nobody hurt you,
I’ll stand by you.

So, if you’re mad get mad, don’t hold it all inside,
Come on and talk to me now.
And hey, what you got to hide? I get angry too
But I’m alot like you.

When you’re standing at the crossroads, don’t know which path to choose,
Let me come along, cause even if your wrong

I’ll stand by you, I’ll stand by you,
won’t let nobody hurt you,
I’ll stand by you.
Take me into your darkest hour,
and I’ll never desert you.
I’ll stand by you.

And when, when the night falls on you baby,
you’re feeling all alone,
You won’t be on your own,

I’ll stand by you I’ll stand by you,
won’t let nobody hurt you.
I’ll stand by you
Take me in into your darkest hour
and I’ll never desert you
I’ll stand by you.

Howl’s Moving Castle (O Castelo Animado)

Animes are not common here in Brazil. I mean, not common in main stream, but run over the undergrounds of the internet. Anyway, “Howl’s Moving Castle” really did appear in the big silver screen, but without any ads in the media. I heard about it a long time ago and I can’t recall if it had good or bad critics. To me, it was an amazingly good movie. When Japanese decide to write/draw an epic anime, they usually do (hey, “Akira” is still one of the best movies around).

The story runs in a place where technology and magic run side-by-side, with big war machines fighting against/with witches and wizards. In this place, Sophie, an young girl, gets cursed, being trapped in the body of an 90 years old lady, ’cause a witch thinks Sophie stole Howl’s heart. Howl is one of the greatest magicians around and his castle is capable of moving around by itself (so there comes the title). Also, there is a big war is raging over the country, and all magicians are being called by the kings to fight.

There are a lot of visual references to the main characters feelings. Sophie keeps changing her age when her moods change, in a way to show the audience how she can break the spell (in a way that only makes the love story even stronger). Howl keeps changing forms to show how he is also cursed, even if this is never shown in the movie.

It is a fun movie and a great love story around Sophie and Howl and how they change the way they see life because of that love.

“slow” Milestone 29

Following our release circle of one year, we are releasing a new milestone of “slow”, milestone 29, codenamed “Fucked up in the head”.

This new release have some changes in the user interface and we added a lot of new features. Unfortunately, things didn’t behave correctly in the system and some of the new and old features had to be removed, most of them in the internal introspection module. Even with that, the new user interface may help users, and we fixed several glitches in the communication protocol, removing several filters that prevented messages leaving the system.

We are well aware that this release is potentially unstable and tends to break easily, but we are already working on patches and fixes, that were we hope to present in the next milestone.

To get this new release, you didn’t need to do anything. Just reading this post assures you that you have the latest release.

We hope you enjoy this new release and, again, we would like to make it clear that we are working on the several new bugs added in this release.

— the “slow” development team

What we learned today: Freedom

Amazing things on psychologist today:

I was thinking my problems boiled down to the fact that I can’t agree with my father ideas and that looking at the mirror, I was actually seeing him. Shortening things, I never had a closer relationship with him and I don’t know what he thinks of me. But I know he never gives up, but I gave up college so, if I had to think what my father thinks of it, I’m a failure. I gave up because I didn’t know if that was something I would like to do my whole life. That’s when my psychologist came with the idea that I felt imprisoned by it: I don’t know what I want to do my whole life and getting my degree would mean, to me, being trapped to the area for my life. The first thing that came to my mind thinking about being imprisoned was that I always wanted to buy a motorbike to me. I knew the reason: there is a life style behind bikes and they mean freedom. And I never knew why I needed to feel free and our session ended with my psychologist asking “Freedom for what?”

In the way to the office, I realized almost everything about that last bit: first, I’m imprisoned by my own rules. I deny things to me due social regulations and laws and everything. Then it came that a prison may not let anyone getting out, but it also didn’t let anyone get in. Remember when I wrote that I’m the wall builder? I wasn’t letting anyone getting in (amazing how I can connect the dots now). Another thought crossed my mind: last night I went with BrainBug and Tina see “Sin City”. After the movie, we did some chatting and I tell them how I felt and such, and Tina keep saying “We need a group hug! Group hug!”. When it happened, I was in the group hug, but I didn’t let me in the group hug. It felt really strange (and I’m feeling bad about not letting me in now). That’s why I want freedom: to let people getting inside.

I just thought I should write it to not forget it.

Edit 1: I just recalled: the color quiz did say something along the lines of “being suspicious of other people intentions and run aloof emotionally”. Fits in the “letting people getting inside” thing.

Edit 2: Actually, this brings my problem back to the beginning: I want someone inside the void in me, but I can’t put myself in this void. Maybe… maybe I know I must put myself there, but I don’t know how and opening myself to anyone would help me to put me there. That’s something for the next session…

Weirdest feeling EVER

I think the results of going to the psychologist finally kick in.

This morning I woke up with the feeling that my bed was completely covered with notes in the size of post-it notes. And it was cold and I didn’t have a blanket. And I had to put the notes together to create the blanket. The problem was that the notes didn’t simply stick together: I had to find which notes had something similar written on them to stick them together.

Talk about confusion…