AutoDarkClicker, a GreaseMonkey script

Just a few of you know that I play DarkThrone almost religiously. It is a nice waste of time and patience, but I think it is cool anyway.

One of the things that pisses me off on it is their “recruiter” page. You need to click 350 times on a damn button to be eligible to get more citizens for your town. Boring, boring, boring.

I was planning writing a Python script to click on it, using the HTTPLib class, but it doesn’t work with compressed streams (for those who know, it’s the mod_gzip module of Apache). So I decided to learn how to use GreaseMonkey, as Firefox/Mozilla already know how to deal with those streams. It was even easier than I thought.

So, here is the AutoDarkClicker script for GreaseMonkey. As usual, you can get it at my homepage. There are full explanation of how to install and use it. Go get it while still hot! :)