Germany, day 7

Last day on Germany. As the day before, we had to wake up early, except that this time, mom and dad booked our tickets in the day before, while they got out for dinner. All my stuff was already packed, so I was the first on the lounge to leave the place.

On the train station, another sign that Germans aren’t as organized as they seem: the information screens keep throwing our train from one gate to another (one right next to the other, but, anyway…).

This trip took a little longer than the trip from France to Germany, about 8 hours from Stuttgart to Conegliano. Even being longer, this trip were a lot more easier than the first one, I just don’t know why.

The trip took us through Austria, which I must say have the most impressive landscape I ever seen. I mean, the grass is well cut, the mountains are really really impressive… and everything fits perfectly, even the cities. I surely will add some days there on my next travel.

Since we had no idea where the hotel was, we took a cab. Mum was so happy that we were finally on Italy that she couldn’t hold herself and started talking almost non-stop, even with the cab driver, who also seem pretty happy himself. On their talk, we could find out that he was married with a Brazilian from Bahia, but he couldn’t understand Portuguese. Funny, huh?

Upon reaching our hotel, I just got sad to find out that there isn’t an internet access around. I was planning filling my on-line album with some more pictures, but I would had to do that later. As we didn’t get a decent lunch, it was time to get a decent dinner. We asked some information in the hotel and all options were around the main park in the city. So, there we went.

The city is not very big, but there is something around. I don’t know if it is the people or the place, but everything seems more friendly than on Germany. We checked all three options the hotel clerk gave us and stopped in the last one, the local Osteria (sorry, lost the name somewhere). All they had was pork with sauce and a soup of beans. Not much, huh? But the pork really taste wonderful and I ate almost everything, even being more tired than hungry. Worth a check if you are around.

Also, Conegliano is the city of Prosecco, a white wine with bubbles, much like Champagne. Very good, by the way.