Italy, day 1

We got up early again, this time to take the trip to Verona. The city still have some pretty old buildings, including the old portals to the city (althought only part of the wall still visible). We headed to the main park in the city, only to find out that there was a cheese fair there, right next to the Arena.

For those who don’t know, the Arena is a coliseum, much like the one on Rome. The difference between the Arena and the Coliseum is that the Arena is smaller and still intact. Even today, there are plays played around there.

So, after tasting some cheese, we headed to the Arena, to see it from the inside. And it looks exactly like in the movies: round and with big “chairs”/stairs. One of the things that got me is that looks like two tribunes, so you can’t really point were the Emperor seated. From the heightening point of it, you could see the whole city.

On our way out, we took a trip through the city, and we could spot some streets really narrow. Upon pointing that, my dad said to me that Florence they were even more narrower.

Leaving the centre of the city, we headed to the bridges: one build in the times of war and one build in the times of peace. The last one is build all over with marble, which gave it a pleasant white look. Cars and buses still use it normally. The first one is build with bricks (the brown ones). You could still go up the sentinel stands and check who is coming around. Also, the sturdy door that closes the city still there, still looking pretty sturdy.

Lots of walking. Even with dad losing his sense of direction and heading us away from the station. But we got there, eventually.