Italy, day 2

Today dad had another business to check, so this was a day for only mom and I. Our trip was on Venice. You know, the city that is sinking into the sea.

Again, a little bit of history: the city itself has a part on dry land, but they decided to build a better port. So they build a city over a small group of islands. This gives the city a strange look, as the city looks “cutted up”, only connect with small bridges. And, as far as I could see, there was at least one church on every island.

The city is quite impressive. I mean, they know it is sinking, but the people there still live like nothing is happening: they keep their gardens, the clean their houses and they keep their stores in the lower levels of the houses. Even parks still exist there. Well, some of the houses look a little bit cracked up, but nothing that takes their beauty away.

On Venice, I could see that there are streets even narrower than Verona, but I suspect that there wasn’t any wagons around, so they only had to build the streets large enough for a few people. Also, some corridors just lead to the water, which isn’t surprising if you imagine that the only way to get into the city was by boat (well, some points still are).

So, our first stop was Rialto. It is a famous bridge on Venice, but it didn’t look so impressive to me. There are, however, several small shops around, so you can find anything around there: watches, masks, hats, you name it. There is even a MacDonald’s lost somewhere there.

First stop found, it was time to had to the San Marcus Park. It isn’t had to find any of them, as they are the main attractions in the island and there are plenty of signs pointing where to go to find them.

San Marcus is the famous part of the city. If you look at any pictures of Venice where you could spot pigeons, there is the park. In there, you could find the “Campanario”, the Castle of the Doges and the “San Marcus Basilica”.

As my request, we went first to the Campanario. It is a tall clock tower where you could see the whole city. And no, it is not as big as the Eiffel Tower. So, going up there was way easy. Over there you could spot at least three more islands (and their respective churches).

Second monument of the day, the Castle of the Doges. At first I thought it wouldn’t be anything special to me, but its grandiosity is quite moving. The castle was build in a way that all the things that mattered were connected somehow: the king quarters leads to the audience room (where the king had meetings with important people); there you could head to the high council room, where the king and another twenty senators meet to take on the greatest matters; there you go to the room of the Ten, a group of senators elected to take care about the secrets of the state (spying, watching the other senators); then you go the senate room, where all senators met; further, you go the the council room, where about 2000 people, including the king, would discuss the problems and priorities of the city; on a small passage, you go through the court room (as the judges where part of the council, it is no surprise); the court room leads to the prison and so on.

Near the king’s quarts, there is a room to the “scuderia”, the guards that take care of the king. Eight of them would always be available to the king, no matter what. From this room, you could get to the weapons room, where several different weapons are exposed there. There is even a “gun sword”, much like Squall uses on “Final Fantasy VIII”. I just thought it was funny see that there is a real version of that weapon.

From the prison, you could walk through the Bridge of Sighs, where the condemned had to walk from the prison to the court room and vice-versa. Usually, as they were found guilty, and some times condemned to dead, there was the last time they could see the sea.

Ok, you got the point of how the castle impressed me.

Next monument, the Basilica. It wasn’t really impressive at least to me, as I don’t quite like religious buildings (except from the outside) and gold didn’t impress me. But, if you like those things, you’ll be quite impressive: the church inside is really golden and some points you cold see gold walls filled with precious stones.

All the main things seen, it was time to head back to the station. We walked all the way back, as I wanted to buy some stuff to some friends. When we got there, we took a trip with “Vaporeto”, their bus. Actually, it is a big boat with several places that take the trip around the city through the sea and the canal. I could get some nice pictures of the city in this trip.

On the way back to the hotel, mom got cured from her flu, only to be my turn. And I hate getting sick, even more with flu.