Italy, day 3

Miserable night. I hate getting the flu.

This would be another day of only two people tripping, as dad still had some work to do. But, as things went smoothly to him last day, he would need only the morning to finish his business and so we would short your stay in Conegliano for a day, and taking the train to Florence in the afternoon. So, a lazy morning, staying in the hotel and packing our stuff.

At lunch time, dad appeared with Giuseppe, the owner of the factory dad is trying. He invited him and us to lunch, so we went with one restaurant of his choice. I was unable to take a choice, so I followed everybody (who followed Giuseppe suggestions). First dish was lasagne with fungi, a mushroom. I can’t remember tasting a “vegetable” lasagne that taste SO good! Second dish was chicken fillet, with nothing special about it.

After the lunch, Giuseppe took us to the train station, were we had to take a train to Venice Mestre before taking the EuroStar (a high speed train) to Florence. It was a nice trip, even stating in the second class, as the first class (as our EuroPass allowed) was completely full. But it was not bad, not bad at all.

Arriving at Florence, we had to take a cab to the hotel, as the airport is in the other side of the town, and our hotel is near it. Not bad, but I hadn’t enough energy to do anything else. Damn flu.