Italy, day 4

On a new hotel, it was time to explore Florence, the city of the Medici family. As many old cities in Italy, there are several churches around and we found one right after the bus stop, where you trip around the city started. Also, as many old cities in Italy, there are plenty of narrow streets between old buildings. Yet, as many old cities in Italy, the old portals of the city walls still exist, somewhat hidden between the old buildings.

One of the things we could spot around the city were some cows. Not real cows, but statues of cows, painted by several artists, resembling some other stuff, like a cow with jeans, or a cow formed by jigsaws. We didn’t get the reason why the cows were there, but it was kinda funny.

Near one of the old markets, we could spot “Davi”, a huge statue of a naked guy. It seems that old Italians were fond of sculptures of naked men and women with clothes. Go figure. While taking a picture of my parents, I could spot something familiar: a man with “bombachas”, hat and boots, with a jacket with the colours of my state, Rio Grande do Sul. As I pointed out to my parents, they imediately headed there and start talking with the couple. They were from Brasilia, but the husband born in Bage. Talk about a real gaucho around. As they were talking, they pointed a large group of people with bombachas, hats, “prenda” dresses… yeah, a full group of gauchos. As we could get from them, they were on Paris, to the opening of a CTG there, so they extended their trip to Italy. Really, really, really small world.

After a while, dad decided he would take care of renting the car for our next trips, so mom and I headed for the rest of the city alone. And I was in bad shape (thanks to the flu) and in a bad mood, so the rest of the trip was kinda painful. Not really, but it was not so fun. I think I ruined a lot of mom’s plans for the day, as I wasn’t in the mood to check churches and museums.

Anyway, we headed for a church, were a lot of famous people are buried: Danti Aligheri, Leonardo da Vinci, Galilaeus Galileius, Michelangelo and Nicholaus Machiavelli. Well, not all of them, as the voice tour pointed: Galilaeus is buried somewhere else in Italy and, even with several requests from the Florence government, he still there. But they built a memorial, nonetheless. On this church, several rich people are buried directly in the church ground, as a sign of devotion.

Later, we headed to the Pitty Palace, the palace of the city. We didn’t check anything special inside the castle, except for the garden. And I must say that it was the most impressive garden I saw. It is so huge that, even with a big city all around, with several cars and buses roaming around, you couldn’t hear any of them. A really peaceful place. I wasn’t a surprise to think that many philosophers and thinkers go there just to put thoughts in place.

As I wasn’t in a good mood, our trip ended a little bit before planned, and all I needed was a nice bed, as I was fucking tired. Damn flu.