Italy, day 5

Ah! A car! If the whole Italy had a train system as good as Paris, I wouldn’t be so happy. But it was nice not to depend so much on time and being able to go anywhere, any time.

First site of the day: Pisa. Yeah, the falling tower. But we weren’t so lucky when we got there, as there was a dense fog around. When we arrived, we could barely see the top of the tower. And it isn’t that height, by the way. Also, the tower isn’t really straight: it seems that it was already falling to one of the sides when they were still building it, so the tower has more of an arc build. Plenty of jokes of getting straight and following the tower inclination to take pictures, and even a picture of me trying to put the tower down. Talk about terrorism.

In the tower surroundings, there is the statue of Romulus and Remo, the founders of Rome, being feed by a wolf. Story of Italy.

Now, everybody talks about the Pisa tower, but there are more there than just that. The tower were part of a church, a “Campanario”, where the bells were. So, there is a church around. A big church. It was one of the first time I got somewhat moved by the architecture around. Also, there is a “batisterio” near the church, where children were baptised, and the two fit each other, even with some meters between them.

So, as the main attractions of the city were already seen, we moved to another city, Lucca. Lucca is a fortified city, with the city walls still intact. So yeah, the city still have its walls, which a normal city still inside them. Of course, there are some points outside the wall, but it seems to be only a small part of the city. And you can even walk the wall, as it is quite large. But a little bit long, about 4km in extension.

Again, churches every corner. And I’m not kidding here: we could spot a church not a block away from another.

We saw only part of the city around and walked part of the wall, and saw plenty of churches. Time to leave the city. Dad wanted to see Pistoia too, but only going through small roads. As my flu got worse on the trip, I was quite happy when we decided to head back to the hotel using the highroad.