Italy, day 6

A day for a small town. We got our stuff in the morning and headed to Greve in Chianti, a small city between mountains, in a region famous for its wine. This city (and all around, mostly) looks a lot like the cities in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, like Gramado and Canela (except for the castles/churches/”viniculas” in the top of the mountains, looking for small cities below).

First task of the day: finding another hotel. Our fist stop was at a castle, but they didn’t have rooms for two days, so we kept going. Before finding an hotel, we got in the city centre, a small piazza with some stores around. Not very big, but sympathic anyway.

Next stop, Siena. It is a big city, so there could be an hotel there. one of the things Siena is known is the Palio, a horse race where everything goes: bribes, doping, you name it. Unfortunately, the races only goes on July and August, so there was no race for us.

I had a really bad night last day, waking up at 03:30 and I couldn’t get any sleep after that. So, when we got an hotel, I stayed there to sleep a little bit, as I felt my body hurting and as if the gravity suddenly had doubled.

With my at the hotel, mom and dad went to the city. When the Palio isn’t going, the place were it happens becomes a nice piazza, with a big clock tower in the middle. Mom got so interested in the Palio that bought a flag of the winner of this year.

At night, we all headed back to the Palio piazza to dinner. I asked a pizza (again) in the hopes that it would be nice, but, as always, they put a very very very thin bread below it, so it is hard to eat. I can’t wait to get to Brazil and eat real pizza again.