Italy, day 7

So, our hotel sucked. I’m not kidding here, I had to kill a big fly to get some sleep. Also, the shower box also had the “privada” inside, so, when I showered in the morning, it got all wet.

This way, we ended our stay in Siena one day early. Our next stop of the day was San Gimigniano, a city that, in the old times, had about 70 towers (they were considered a sign of power). Our hopes were to go there and find another hotel.

In the city, we headed directly to the centre, a piazza with a cistern. And it is a beautiful piazza: the buildings are very old, but there is some elegance in them. We couldn’t see all the towers, as the number have being reduced by about 13 because of the time. But you could spot them anywhere in the city. Even looking the city from the distance you could see about 5 of them (the highest of them, of course).

On the city, we could find a tourist information centre and book our stay in a hotel mom read somewhere. We didn’t even check another options, mom was very confident in the book (later, it proved to be right, but I’ll get there).

Leaving San Gimigniano, it was time to check Valterra, a city created by the Etruscan people (which no one knows where they came from). The city, even being create by a different culture than San Gimigniano, looks like the previous city, except for the several shops selling works with alabastro, a stone from the place.

So, nothing new, it was time to check if mom’s choice about hotels were right. And it was. A very nice hotel in the top of mountain, large rooms, big beds and such. Mom got pretty happy that her choice wasn’t a sucky one.