Italy, day 8

A day to finally rest. We headed back to Firenze, where we’ll get the train to Milan, to take a flight to Paris to finally get home.

Again, as last night, I couldn’t sleep right and woke up at 4:40 in the morning. As mom and dad decided to take a last trip through Firenze, I stayed in the hotel to take a nap and do nothing. Those vacations where really tireful, but nice none the way.

Tomorrow, as I said, we gonna take the train to Milan, and a flight to Paris. There, I should take another plane back to Guarulhos and, finally, to Porto Alegre. Fortunately, I still have some days off the office, so I can really rest at home, talk to my family and show all the pictures we took in this trip. A lot of pictures, I must say: we gonna fill two CDs just of pictures!