Volkerding is worth?

A few months ago, Patrick Volkerding decided to drop support for GNOME on his distro, Slackware. I was a long time Slackware user and decided to switch to another distro just because of that.

But things weren’t really lost for GNOME fans who were also Slackware fans: the Dropline GNOME team step up as the official GNOME distribution for Slackware. They also created a nice tool to keep GNOME Slackware up-to-date using internet connection, something Slackware still doesn’t do.

Right now, it seems that there is another GNOME distribution for Slackware, called Freerock GNOME.

With two GNOME distributions for Slackware (not to mention the ones that help you build GNOME on any system, like GARNOME and jhbuild), it seems a little bit strange that Patrick claimed that building GNOME was a nightmare. If so, why there are now two teams doing this kind of packaging? This and the fact that Slackware hasn’t a big update for a long time already made me think that Patrick isn’t worth anymore, and someone should step up and take the control of Slackware.

People complain about too many Linux distributions, but what we don’t need right now is one of the big ones going away…