The Eternal Internal Struggle

For some time already, I can’t get a decent night of sleep. It began when I was still touring in Europe and still happens today. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, roll a little, fall sleep for another hour, wake up again… about the fourth time this happen, I can’t fall asleep again. And the results are bad days at work and bad days in my life.

Jung thought the dreams were the way our unconsciousness “talk” to our consciousness. If this is the case, my unconscious is really angry at me, at the point my consciousness can’t stand anymore and just “cuts communication” and, thus, making me wake up.

I can pin-point what was the thought that could trigger this effect (when I recall it, things get a lot worst, with sleep spans smaller than one hour), but I can’t realize why this is annoying the hell of me, as everything looked like the right thing to do.

Stupid trick on Miranda

So you sadly have to use Windows. Poor soul. And you must use IM at work, but there are several protocols and logins you carry with you. Of course, there is Gaim but it doesn’t “fit” on the Windows look. But wait, there is Miranda, super-light-weight and support for multiple protocols. Happiness.

Except for one thing: it doesn’t support more than one account of the same protocol at the same time out of the box. You keep looking around in a way to solve this mistery and have your GMail and the “costumer server” Jabber accounts online at the same time. What to do?

Easy: go to the “Plugins” directory inside the Miranda installation directory and look for the “jabber.dll” file (or maybe you are looking for the “msn.dll” for MSN accounts, but the process is the same). Now copy it to another name (say… “jabber2.dll”). Close Miranda and open it again. Now you should have a “jabber2” option under “Network”.

Simple and stupid. But works.


1. Favorite brand of jeans:


2. Magazine you read regularly:

Actually, none. Sometimes I read some “Linux Magazine” that lies around in the office.

3. If a button came off your clothing, could you sew it back on?

The only buttons that came off were on my jeans (the really old ones, I’m not that fat). There was no way to saw them back.

4. Have you ever had a curfew?

No, never. But if you think that parents saying your time to go to bed when you had an age of one digit, so yes. :)

5. Most dangerous thing you’ve done:

Fell in love.

What a simple thing can do

So, normal boring and annoying day at work. At the end of working time, I was talking about life with and start getting blue (again), even promising myself I won’t do that again to me. It was really hard, but I was on my way to PUC, where I would see how jojutsu is.

To my surprise, I didn’t just watch, but I could get a free lesson. And I must say it is way hard to fight yourself (I was practicing the basic movements against a mirror) than facing a real opponent.

On the way out, I got the prices (a little bit expensive, I’ll need to check my balance again to make sure I can do jojutsu and drums at the same time) and noted that a little pain I’m carrying a long time in my right shoulder got way smaller after the class. And my back isn’t bad too. And no more signs of the blue, I’m feeling completely hyper right now… It will be hard getting sleep tonight.

Also on health news, I weight myself again on the supermarket: it seems that I lost another 2 kilos. Not that I’m a girl or something but for someone who got a weight of 3 digits, that’s a good thing.

Edit 1: And, in the next morning, the pain in the shoulder is completely gone. Now I HAVE to do this.


Ok, let’s see…

Monday I need to go to “Verdi” to check the drum classes.

Wednesday I need to go to Niten and check Jojutsu classes.

I’ll probably sign up for both. And next year, I’ll sign up for Japanese (the language) too (and French, if I find a place to go).

Friday Fiver

1. Have you ever been to the ocean?

If you count the beach as part of the ocean, so yes.

2. When is the last time you wore a swimsuit?

Geez. Years.

3. Do you respect people more for staying through difficult times or knowing when to call it quits?

Well, you know the saying “there is time to fight and a time to surrender”. Keep fighting when the whole world is falling apart is something remarkable, but there is also the point were you must realize that there is no way to walk all the way to the sky.

4. Name a TV show that made a huge splash in the beginning, but has since gone downhill:


5. Have you ever eaten shark?

Not yet.