Me duele la pancita (Outback Iguatemi)

Today I went with my parents to the mall, to buy them their Christmas gifts. Dad almost ripped my account, but mom, fortunately, just wanted a small souvenir.

In the end of the day we went to “Outback”, an Australian restaurant that is in Iguatemi parking lot. And I’m not kidding here, I recall they closing a piece of the parking lot just to build the restaurant there.

I don’t know if we can really call it “an Australian restaurant”, as I don’t know Australian food and, being so spiced, I could say it is Texan food, taking all stereotypes around. Again, don’t get me wrong here: the food really is spiced, but in the right amount. It is not something that keeps your mouth burning.

So, since we get there earlier than 20:00, we went into their “happy hour”: you ask any alcoholic drink and you get two. Nice, more booze. Mom asked a strawberry capirinha, dad a lime caipirinha (it is really lime, not lemons as we are used here) and I asked a “Sex on the beach”, vodka, peach liquor, orange juice and pineapple juice with a bit of currant syrup. Really sweet. To give as something to chew, we asked a fried onion and some fried potatoes. What we got was a HUGE onion and a dish with a mountain of french fries. It was almost a dinner in itself, but we were ahead and asked another dishes: mom asked some pasta, dad some steak and I asked some kind of hamburger, with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon and sweet mustard. And I can honestly say that I never eat an hamburger so delicious! The chicken with the sweet mustard and the bacon really makes you eat more than you can hold. And don’t forget that we got twice the booze.

The service were amazing too: every time there was a problem, like the bar getting so over crowded that our drinks would take longer to com to the table were announced, a problem with our order were promptly answered by the manager, the waiter who got our orders went, from time to time, to check if everything was ok… Nice service, really nice.

In the end, mom and I went to the car complaining “me duele la pancita” (my tummy hurts). We really went above all we could get in, because everything taste SO good.

Worth the time, worth the pain. :)