Who should host the 2006 Oscar?

I just found out that there isn’t a host for the Oscar in 2006 (news in Portuguese). It seems that Billy Crystal and Chris Rock refused to host it this year. Other possibilities includes Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx, Ellen Degeneres and even Paris Hilton. Bloggers suggestions goes from Bette Midler to Billy Bob Thorton, including Alan Rickman and William Shatner.

So, let me check the options:

  • Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien may be well known on USA, but not outside. Academy knows that the Oscar is seen on the whole world and I think they would choose someone with more internationally recognized.
  • Woopi Goldberg is doing small series, nothing big on the silver screen. It would be good to her career, and she was a good host on previous events. Somewhat a good choice.
  • Steve Martin, as Whoopi, isn’t doing anything big on silver screen, and proved to be a good host on previous events. Also a good choice.
  • Robin Williams don’t have the kind of humor the academy tries to have, although his ability to change his voice would be good.
  • Jamie Foxx won the Oscar for Ray, but isn’t enough to put him as the host. He doesn’t seem to have the humor to cheer people and the event would look a lot serious with him.
  • Ellen Degeneres is completely out. She may be a good actress, but she is an assumed gay and the academy wouldn’t want to get a fight with some of the christian nuts on USA.
  • Paris Hilton SHOULD be out. No one could stand her doing something serious.
  • Bette Midler would be a white Woopi Goldberg and would use Jew jokes instead of black jokes. Don’t seem a bad choice either.
  • I can’t really say something about Billy Bob Thorthon. I didn’t saw many of his films and hadn’t followed his career.
  • Alan Rickman is a master of sarcasm, something that doesn’t fit on the event.
  • William Shatner would mean that every joke would be related to Star Trek. It would be fun for the first 3 jokes and then get lame.

So, I’m sticking with Steve Martin as the best option, followed by Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler, in that order. If I could put a name, I would highly recommend Mike J. Nelson, who hosted Mystery Science Theater 3000 for about 4 seasons and was the head writer of the whole series. He isn’t well known outside USA, but he seemed very smart at writing MST3K jokes, with excellent puns and come-backs.