TimeTracker 1.0

With no reported problems with 1.0RC1, I decided to call it 1.0. So, TimeTracker is finally usable by the public.

There still is some ugliness inside, but nothing that can make it misbehave or crash or anything like that.

You can grab it at the same place.

PS: Time to break it again! Hooray! :D

Edit 2006.01.31 13:22: I just forget: I would like to thank Estanislau and Daniel Ilha for helping beta-testing and expanding the TODO list, so now I have something to do for a 1.1 release (and further releases too).

The A to Zee of being Me.

A – Age you got your first real kiss: 18.
B – Band listening to right now: Edguy.
C – Crush: No one.
D – Dad’s name: Volni.
E – Easiest person to talk to: E1lie, Babaum, Estanislau and Daniel Ilha. It usually depends on the matter in hand.
F – Favorite bands/artists at the moment: Edguy, Northern Lights, Last Autumn’s Dreams, The Killers.
G – Gummy worms or gummy bears? Bears.
H – Hometown: Taquara (also known as Bamboo City)
I – Instruments: None, but I tried to learn guitar a long time ago (and forgot everything already) and I’m trying to find a way to learn drums.
J – Junior High: Uh… huh?
K – Kids: someday. Right now I like to play with my small cousins and my cousin sons.
L – Longest car ride ever: From Porto Alegre to Recife. On the passengers sit.
M – Mom’s name: Elenita.
N – Nicknames: slow.
O – One wish: find out where is her.
P – Phobia(s): broken fingers. I can’t stand seeing someone with broken fingers.
Q – Quote: “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” – Bruce Lee
R – Reasons to smile: a good joke.
S – Song you sang last: Edguy – Save Me.
T – Time you woke up today: 6:30 am.
U – Unknown fact(s) about me: I can’t deal with a lost of someone. And I had a surgery when I was 21 days old.
V – Vegetable you love: carrots, I think.
W – Worst habit(s): biting my nails.
X – X-rays you’ve had: none, as far as I know. Maybe on that surgery.
Y – Yummy food: pizza.
Z – Zodiac sign: Leo.

NVidia drivers are EVIL! EVIL!

Some of you may recall that I had some problems trying to use hibernate on Nienna. It actually worked, but the sistem seemed sluggish afterwards.

When I got Irmo, I tried to do the same thing, only to find out that the display won’t work after the resume. At that time, it didn’t hit me that could be, actually, the display driver getting nuts; the only thing I thought was “software suspend don’t work on this machine”.

Yesterday, for a complete unrelated reason, I disabled the NVidia driver and switched back to the free X.org driver. This morning, I decided to try hibernate again, just to find out it works flawlessly.

Just to add more proof that the NVidia drivers suck, my old machine at work used to crash every time I left X and returned to it, so I couldn’t logout and loging again using gdm or switch to a console and later return to X.

I don’t run anything that used OpenGL or 3D stuff (maybe some xscreensaver modules, but nothing more), so I really don’t need it. No more tainting my kernel. And I can use my computer without a problem. Maybe, when NVidia decides to really open their driver, I’ll use it again; till there, I’ll stick to the unbuggy open-source driver, thank you very much.


Hoje falando sobre o “cron” existente no Windows, chegamos a conclusão que o Windows deve ter um SIGPEPE.

Primeiro é enviado um sinal qualquer; se não funcionar, é enviado, em seguida, o SIGPEPE, que significa, basicamente, “Pepe! Já tirei a vela!”, para que o sistema se “ligue” que tem algo pra fazer.

(Quem via o Chapolin vai entender).

TimeTracker 1.0 Release candidate 1

Finally, I added the last option needed to call TimeTracker a 1.0 release. You now can pass the time of stop and start of a task. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to change the time of a task that has already been stopped or started; maybe on 1.1? :)

Anyway, TimeTracker 1.0RC1 “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” is available at TimeTracker homepage.

There is something that is the same in the lonely hearts

About two months ago, I wrote a poem about the search for the soulmate. Today I got my hands on “Rocket Ride” the new album from “Edguy”. And boy, I really got amazed when I heard “Save Me”. It is the power ballad of this album and, somehow, the lyrics fit the feelings I put on that poem. Here are the lyrics of “Edguy – Save Me”:

Waiting for a little sign
Seems like to no avail
Strolling down the pavement aimlessly

Waitin for someone to snatch her bag of memories
How come you call it destiny?
When the cross you bear’s your only company

Never seen you, I don’t even know you’re name
But still I believe

That you are gonna save me
Somehow I got a notion
Just a little affection on this cold and windy road
Save me, from a state of un-emotion
Just a little affection on this windy road

Why so long? so confusing?
Why’s growing up hurt soo bad?
Seek what we had lost, we get found and go again
I don’t know what’s gone to me
I won’t make any promise I believe

Never seen you, I don’t even know you’re name
But still I believe

That you are gonna save me
Somehow I got a notion
Just a little affection on this cold and windy road
Save me, from a state of un-emotion
Just a little affection on this windy road

I don’t know if I can, I don’t know if I should
I don’t know what is right, and what’s to come if you would
Here I stand in rain, here in stand in the cold
I been locked into (something), another shout in my soul, no

I’m afraid of that harm
Save, save me, got a notion
That you are gonna save me
Somehow I got a notion
Just a little affection on this cold and windy road
Save me, from a state of un-emotion
Just a little affection on this windy road

TimeTracker 0.7 “Beauty comes from within”

I didn’t add the graphical interface or the todo list yet, but I did some rewritting of the internal modules to make things simpler in the future to add those features. To the outside world, the only visible change is the “–list”, which now has a prettier output.

Download at TimeTracker page.

Update 2006.01.28 12:34: just found a problem whe you try to start a new task. A bugfix is available on version 0.7.1, released about two minutes ago. :)

Full transcript of “Trote da Igreja Evangélica”

– Alô.
– Alô. Da onde fala, por favor?
– é da assembléia de Deus.
– Aqui, eu tô com um pequeno probleminha. Vocês poderiam me ajudar?
– Sim.
– É que é o seguinte. Tem um amigo meu…
– Ooooooooooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
– … ele tá, ele ta aprensentando, assim, umas mudanças muito estranhas de voz.
– Ããããããããããhhhhhhhhhhhh ãããhhh ããhhhhh
– Eu tô ficando meio assutado, você poderia falar com ele ao telefone?
– Como não!
– Ããããããhhhh
– Sim?
– Posso falar sim.
– Perae um momentinho que eu vou chamá-lo. Felipe, vem cá. Feli-pe.
– Alôôôôôô…
– Sim? Aí é o Felipe?
– Ééé…
– O que está havendo Felipe?
– Eu tô sentindo uma falta de arrrrrr…. annnrrr….
– Nos vamos orar por voce agora. Vamos pedir ao deus todo poderoso que
liberte dessa enfermidade.
– Annn ehhhh….
– Deus de bondade e misericordia.
– Ta ficando piorrr… ta ficando pior!
– Eh… estamos expulsando esse espirito maligno que “te atormentado”
esta vida, que seja liberto totalmente, seja desfeita a operacao maligna
desta vida, agora.
– Ameeeem.
– Deus que esta nos ceus. Eu nao conheco essa pessoa, mas tu conhece.
– Nem eu, eu tambem nao conheco o senhor!!
– Ahhhh.
– Eu tambem nao conheco. Eu quero… eu quero falar falar com o senhor o
– Deus eh poderoso.
– Eu nao vou sair daqui. Eu nao vou largar ele.
– Deus esta mandando voce pra sair dai.
– Eu nao vou largar ele, nao vou.
– Voce esta vencido.
– Ha ha ha ha ha.
– Voce vai sair deste corpo.
– Agora eu vou sair, oh.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Agora eu saiiiiiiii.
– Em nome de jesus.
– Eu agora saiiiii.
– Sai dai! Tira! Sai deste corpo!
– Ahhh… ta melhorando…
– Sai deste corpo!
– Ahhh… quem ta falando? Melhoro, ta tudo bom agora.
– Naaao.
– Ta tudo bom.
– Quem foi que me chamou? Eh o seu Felipe que esta falando?
– Aqui eh o Felipe.
– Eh o Felipe que esta falando?
– Eu ja to legal.
– Nao.
– Eu to na boa.
– Nao.
– Eu to numa niiice.
– Em nome de jesus. Em nome de jesus voce “estar” agoooraaa….
– Ta se enrolando. Ta se enrolando pra orar pra mim.
– Em nome de jesus.
– Ta ficando bom.
– Em nome de jesus cristo.
– Ta dando mooohh calooooorr.
– Sai deste corpo.
– Nao saio, nao saio, nao saaaaaaaaio! Nao saio, nao saio, nao
saaaaaaaio! Eu nao saio daqui, eu nao saio daqui! Eu nao saio daqui.
– …voce esta vencido, satanas. Voce esta vencido, demonio.
– Eu nao saio daquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, eu nao saio
– …voce esta vencido, demonio.
– Qual o seu nome?
– …o sangue de jesus tem poder.
– Qual o seu nome, por favor?
– O meu nome eh de homem, mas quem te ordena eh o filho do deus vivo.
Sai deste corpo!
– Nao saio!
– Sai deste corpo!
– Nao saiooooo!
– Sai deste corpo!
– Nao saiooooo!
– Tu es o pai da mentira. Tu es um mentiroso!
– Meu nome eh pinoquio.
– Tu es um vencido. O teu destino eh o fogo eterno. O lago de fogo.
– Eu nao sei nadar.
– Agora…
– Ahhh…
– Voce esta arcado, agora.
– La vou eu hein?
HA HA HA HA. Agora eu sou o Pato Donald.
– …legiao demoniaca…
– Reza agora pro Pato Donald.
– …legiao do mal, em nome de jesus.
– Eh um, eh dois eh treeeeeeeeees, eh quatro, eh cinco, nao adianta

The old american lady in the bus stop

There I was, waiting in the bus stop for my (d’oh) bus. An old lady already there, waiting for her bus too. She asked me what bus was going to Iguatemi (the nearby mall), which I promptly answered. Then we start talking about how much time the bus take to appear again. She had a strange accent. There was nothing to do while waiting, so the talk was almost inevitable (and I just found out it is not a bad thing).

So… talking about the time for the bus, then the obvious weather talk, and then she told me about her grandson, enlisted in the USA army, now on Bagdad. Her daughter, living in USA, has three cars, and you have to pay the car insurance, or you’ll lose your drivers license. Also, parking where isn’t permitted can really cost money: one of her sons did a three minute stop and got fine for US$ 30. So, I got a lot of info about her family, but she didn’t even told me her name. :-)

Now, why did I mention that? I was not in a very good mood (actually, you could call it “blank”, using the LJ mood selector), but talking to her really was something that surprised me and got me on a good mood. Too bad I don’t know her name, but if you are on Iguatemi and an see old lady with white hair with a strange accent, can you say that the guy in the bus stop asked her name? :)