Gundam Seed Destiny

There are few things more fun to watch than anime series with giant robots. Not many, but there are.

Gundam Seed Destiny meets its quota of mecha, and has a strong storyline.

The events in the story happen a few years after a great war (told on Mobile Suite Gundam SEED), and a new one is appearing in the horizon. Unfortunately, it goes on, and two factions, Earth and Plant (an artificial planet, populated by genetic enhanced humans) got to arms against each other, with the small Earthan island Orb crushed in the middle, trying at any costs not going into war.

There are a lot of twists in the story: first you think one side is the right, then you see they are not what they look; you pick the other side, just to find out they are also not what they look; and the rest isn’t very good either. But that’s not a bad thing, as we also have these kind of duality. So you are no seeing something too different from real life.

There are some very strong scenes on this series: in the first episode, when one of the main characters loses his family in the war, you are shown them lifeless, torn bodies. Not a nice scene. Of course, even shocking as it is, it gives you a since of the grieve he is carrying. Also, when the story turn to the second “good guys”, you see them killing an enemy, whose last words are the name of a woman. His sister? His mother? His lover? We don’t know, but it shows that, inside that mobile armour there is a man, with a family. Is it right to fight justice and peace when someone like him leaves a broken heart behind? That kind of questioning goes all the way in the story, making yourself ask what is right in a war. A lot of thoughtful moments, I can tell you.

As you would see in the Wikipedia page, there are a lot of criticism about the series. Unfortunately, I must agree with some points, but that doesn’t mean the series isn’t worth your time.