The old american lady in the bus stop

There I was, waiting in the bus stop for my (d’oh) bus. An old lady already there, waiting for her bus too. She asked me what bus was going to Iguatemi (the nearby mall), which I promptly answered. Then we start talking about how much time the bus take to appear again. She had a strange accent. There was nothing to do while waiting, so the talk was almost inevitable (and I just found out it is not a bad thing).

So… talking about the time for the bus, then the obvious weather talk, and then she told me about her grandson, enlisted in the USA army, now on Bagdad. Her daughter, living in USA, has three cars, and you have to pay the car insurance, or you’ll lose your drivers license. Also, parking where isn’t permitted can really cost money: one of her sons did a three minute stop and got fine for US$ 30. So, I got a lot of info about her family, but she didn’t even told me her name. :-)

Now, why did I mention that? I was not in a very good mood (actually, you could call it “blank”, using the LJ mood selector), but talking to her really was something that surprised me and got me on a good mood. Too bad I don’t know her name, but if you are on Iguatemi and an see old lady with white hair with a strange accent, can you say that the guy in the bus stop asked her name? :)