TimeTracker 1.0

With no reported problems with 1.0RC1, I decided to call it 1.0. So, TimeTracker is finally usable by the public.

There still is some ugliness inside, but nothing that can make it misbehave or crash or anything like that.

You can grab it at the same place.

PS: Time to break it again! Hooray! :D

Edit 2006.01.31 13:22: I just forget: I would like to thank Estanislau and Daniel Ilha for helping beta-testing and expanding the TODO list, so now I have something to do for a 1.1 release (and further releases too).

2 thoughts on “TimeTracker 1.0

  1. Hi!
    I am trying to download TimeTracker but ‘slowhome.org’ isn’t responding. Is it only temporary or could you provide the file somewhere else?

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