1. Age?


2. Sex?


3. Location?

Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil.

4. Single?

Yeah, but I’m working the hell of it to fix this. :)

4. How long have you been doing the fridayfiver?

Nov. 11th, 2005, 12:57 pm


Crashday was being promoted, in the very beginning, as the “new Stunts”. But the project development lead to another direction, turning the game more of a modern Destruction Derby. The post of “new Stunts” seems to be free to be taken by Ultimate Stunts.

Anyway, the demo of Crashday was released a few days and I just played it. And I must say it is very impressive. The games features some very detailed and beautiful graphics without killing performance and loads quite fast.

The demo features two kinds of game: wrecking, where you must kill other opponents using a sub-machine and a rocket launcher and stunts, where you must perform some stunts (like high jumping, spinning in the air and such).

The demo also have some movies about other types of games, like longest jump, jump into the check points (kinda like some quests on Grand Thief Auto), get the flag (the players must steal the flag from each other, bumping against themselves), pass the bomb (the reverse, players must hit each other to put the bomb on other players) and just a few more.

The physics engine still needs some works: sometimes, after the game has finished, when the car should be complete still, it got “sliding” sideways, without any indication of external force.

It is fun to play it and it would be a blast when it finally reaches gold (which seems to be January 24!)

Edit 1: launch day is February 24, not January.

Gundam Seed Destiny

There are few things more fun to watch than anime series with giant robots. Not many, but there are.

Gundam Seed Destiny meets its quota of mecha, and has a strong storyline.

The events in the story happen a few years after a great war (told on Mobile Suite Gundam SEED), and a new one is appearing in the horizon. Unfortunately, it goes on, and two factions, Earth and Plant (an artificial planet, populated by genetic enhanced humans) got to arms against each other, with the small Earthan island Orb crushed in the middle, trying at any costs not going into war.

There are a lot of twists in the story: first you think one side is the right, then you see they are not what they look; you pick the other side, just to find out they are also not what they look; and the rest isn’t very good either. But that’s not a bad thing, as we also have these kind of duality. So you are no seeing something too different from real life.

There are some very strong scenes on this series: in the first episode, when one of the main characters loses his family in the war, you are shown them lifeless, torn bodies. Not a nice scene. Of course, even shocking as it is, it gives you a since of the grieve he is carrying. Also, when the story turn to the second “good guys”, you see them killing an enemy, whose last words are the name of a woman. His sister? His mother? His lover? We don’t know, but it shows that, inside that mobile armour there is a man, with a family. Is it right to fight justice and peace when someone like him leaves a broken heart behind? That kind of questioning goes all the way in the story, making yourself ask what is right in a war. A lot of thoughtful moments, I can tell you.

As you would see in the Wikipedia page, there are a lot of criticism about the series. Unfortunately, I must agree with some points, but that doesn’t mean the series isn’t worth your time.

And that’s why I love Quod Libet

[slow@irmo] ~$ quodlibet --enqueue=“When the body speaks”
[slow@irmo] ~$ quodlibet --next
[slow@irmo] ~$ quodlibet --print-playing
Depeche Mode - Exciter - 4 - When the Body Speaks

For those who still didn’t tried using this player, a little explanation:
I was using my notebook, just playing some songs. Even if Dell Inspiron 9300 has a front multimedia keypad, when you close the lid (as I did), every control (and key, if you manage to touch them under the lid) is blocked, as the screen saver takes over to protect the computer. But Quod Libet has a console interface and that was what I was using, through ssh.

Anyway, I just had that need to hear “When The Body Speaks” from, as you can see, Depeche Mode. So I put the song on the queue, skipped the song that was playing and heard what I was asking for. Even more, after the song finished, I start hearing it again; the first thing that came to me was that the player erased the current playlist and added just one song (bad memories from WinAmp). I opened the computer to check it, just to realized that I had two versions of the same song: one from studio and another live from Paris; the player enqueued all songs that fitted the regexp (although it had nothing special) and,after playing all of them (two songs), it resumed normal operations.

jfs may not be a good ideia

For everyone I suggested changing to jfs, a warning: I had a big crash tonight and some files got completely nuts, something I didn’t see when I was using ext3.

So… beware of jfs. At least, till someone say it wasn’t jfs fault losing files contents on a crash (which I think is quite hard to deny).

Edit 1: ext3 is back. Backups are being restored.

LJ has been hacked; change your passwords

Most of you must be aware about the URL changes here on LJ. Most of them were a counter-measure against crackers, who could stole cookies using JavaScript flaws. A full story about the problem was posted on Slashdot. The saddest thing in this story is knowing that my password could have been hijacked from an outside site instead of LJ itself.

Anyway, for any of my LJ-friends, remember to change your password. Unless you want someone posting stuff for you on LJ. I didn’t see any changes on your posts, but people could be doing it as “backdated” to hide from the others.


1. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

A glass of light coke.

2. Are you more likely to drink coffee or tea?


3. Would you consider yourself a good cook?

No, although I never burned anything.

4. What is your favorite meal?

Hm… probably pizza.

5. Green eggs and ham: would you eat it?

I don’t like ham.