What the hell is ’spiftacity’?

Reading the news on ‘dapper-changes’, I saw the announcement of spiftacity, described as “A lightweight GTK2 based Window Manager” (that was the same thing they used to say about Metacity, and watch what we have now).

Anyway, I really wanted to see how it looks, so I tried to install it. Unfortunately, it still didn’t hit the archives yet (probably compilation problems). Google knows nothing about it, as blogsearch, freshmeat, Google Reader and even Altavista (which brings something not related).

So, that should be the most unknown program hitting a big distribution archive I’m aware of.

Edit 1: Just playing a little stupidly, I found out the sources on Ubuntu archive. Screenshots to follow.

Edit 2: It is actually the same of Metacity. I still don’t know what’s the difference (and before anyone point, yes, I’ve run ‘diff’ through the archives — most changes seem to be on ‘configure’, unless I tried to compare two different versions or the changes are, actually, on the patches).

Edit 3: Ok, the differences are on the patches. It seems that they changed the way Metacity behaves when an application is launched from terminal: the terminal doesn’t lose focus and the new application doesn’t get focused. Anyway, back to Metacity (and proving that ‘spiftacity’ isn’t, actualy, a lightweight GTK2 Window Manager).

I’m almost hating Python

I’m a long time Python lover. I love the language, I love the syntax, I love the simplicity. I just HATE the Python community. It seems that, now, everything is a framework. You don’t code anymore, you use a framework.

I swear I’m going to puke next time someone say “try this framework written in Python”.

The future belongs to GL

We didn’t get used to Xgl, the Novell version, when RedHat comes with AIGLX, which does almost the same thing, except that Compiz is way more fun, looking at the videos.

I just don’t know if this is something RedHat did to take some of prizes Novell got when opened Xgl or is the result of the closed development of Xgl.

Spam recipes, anyone?

Since Google opened the new Gmail, with integrated GTalk, another feature appeared: RSS headers. It can select some news feeds and show on the top of the window, apparently related with what you are reading.

The fun part comes when you open the “Spam” folder. I usually do that to check if there wasn’t anything important incorrectly marked as spam (and the thing seems to be correctly 99.99% of the time) and got some headlines like “Spam skillet Casserole: Broil until golden”, probably related with the original Spam meaning.

Fun, nonetheless.