And that’s why I hated this Oscar

A few years ago, we had some pretty good fights over the Brazilian TV channels to see who would show the Oscar. It was quite fun, as you could watch it with two different translators, one with commentaries and some channel showing the event without any translation.

This year, however, only one channel decided to air the event: TNT. They added a real-time translator and a cinema-expert, Rubens Ewald, whose knowledge about the silver screen is really impressive.

The problem with this year ceremony was simple due the fact that my cable company didn’t had the “SAP” active, although TNT was showing a small “bubble” saying it was available. So I had to hear the stupid real-time translation, which, to be honest, quite bad. Lots of sentences left without any translation, jokes completely destroyed and and annoying idea of “everything must be translated, nothing can be left without a voice over”. And Ewald did a good job on the second point: his talks over some nice moments where done on the most terrible timing possible, and most of time they where completely useless. Crappy translation, stupid remarks, no original sound… well, it was very annoying, so I basically just watched from the “now the (insert category here)” till “the Oscar goes to…” part, and then changed channels.

On the other hand, it was amusing seeing the results. I didn’t watch every movie, and must agree with Wil Weaton: it is hard to come with one opinion of “which is better” when you don’t have all the needed data. Even George Clooney came to the same conclusion when he got his Oscar. But I got really impressed when “Crash” won the best picture. Really. Like everyone, I was expecting that “Brokeback Mountain” would win, as there was so much hype around it. I saw “Crash” and it isn’t an easy movie to get at the first sign but, in the end, everything fits.

I just must remember to call the cable company next year and fix the damn SAP. That or I would need to go the SP/RJ and kill Ewald.