Really, someone should take my credit card away

I was there, just minding my own business, when someone mentions on some of Planets I read Guild Wars. For those unaware of what it is, Guild Wars is an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft and Everquest. There is a difference, though: World of Warcraft, Everquest, Ragnarök and almost every other MMORPG around requires a monthly fee to pay; Guild Wars doesn’t: all you have to pay is the box and you are free to play how much you want.

So, there again, I decided to check it out. The price is a little bit high on Brazilians standards: US$ 50. And there is no resellers around, but we got the internet and credit cards, right? Anyway, I thought it was a little too much, so I asked what information he had about this game. The information he had said it was a better game than World of Warcraft but, you know, fifty bucks still fifty bucks. So, time to check some screenshots. Yeah, nice. But still… fifty bucks!

So, this morning I decided to track a demo. There isn’t one, the pointed one is actually the game installer. So, there I was, without option to try it except buy the damn game. That’s when I recalled my credit card bill only comes on day 8, so it won’t get next month, and I would have to pay it only on March. That’s it! I’m going to buy the damn thing. And that was what I did.

So far, only a few walks around the city. But the game IS beautiful, there is no way to deny it. Now, let me play a little bit to see if the RPG element in it is good too…

Edit 1: May, the purchase will only appear on May, not March.