Guild Wars

I still didn’t play it enough, but Guild Wars seem very promissing. Right now I have to effective characters: a necromancer/mesmer and an archer. Both female, as the polygons are nicer than male characters. One thing to take care when playing it is actually read what is going on: with the necro, I did just a few “walk to check point, click on NPC with ‘!’ above it” and I got into a hard place very quickly. Only level 4, it is quite hard to keep playing, not to mention that I’ve left a lot of skills behind; I’m not doing the same with the archer and I’m getting more skills with her.

On the skill side, I can point that you don’t get skills by simply getting levels, like on “Diablo”; they are given by some NPCs or bought on others, just like World of Warcraft.

Another nice change is the hit points and mana points (actually, they aren’t called “mana points”, but I can’t recall the name used inside the game, even if the result is the same of mana points): you don’t need to change your character atributes to get more, you simply have to survive as long as you can. Being hit (and healing afterwards) increase your hit points, using skills that require mana points will increase your mana points when you recover them.

As I pointed before, the graphics are simply stunning. But you can’t talk about graphics, you have to see it by yourself:

Guild Wars Guild Wars
This is not a pre-rendered screenshot

I’ll post some more as I walk around the game.

Edit 1: Oh, I forgot to mention: the controls are great. I mean, I can play it using only the keyboard and no mouse. And it is not that hard to figure the controls.