Why Pysalis won’t be a Wiki

A few days ago, I thought the Pysalis (my project of a small wiki with static pages) would be a dead project due Ikiwiki, which does exactly what I was planing. There was, though, a small thing that annoyed me: it used Subversion. I just couldn’t figure out why the hell use a SCM on something static.

Then, today, I found yet another thing that looks like a Wiki, Docudo. They don’t call it a Wiki, but its description comes close to it. And it also has Subversion integration. And, here there, the answer where clear: “It relies on Subversion for versioning of documents and their properties.” (and that information wasn’t available one Ikiwiki page when I saw it). Oh, yes! A Wiki stores the changes between versions! That’s where Subversion comes in! And that’s something I hadn’t planned for Pysalis.

So, Pysalis won’t be a Wiki compiler (stealing the Ikiwiki definition). It would be a static page generator with wiki-like syntax. Only that.

And, by the way, right now it can translate basic syntax (like bold, underline, headers and such — basic regex translation). Next step is bullet translation, then I’ll got to name storage (for page references) and then, finally, templating.