Scummy in last! Hooray!

If you not a fan of Formula 1, you can skip this entry:

Formula “Michael Schumacher has been moved to the back of the grid for the Monaco Grand Prix after stewards concluded that he deliberately blocked the track in the closing stages of qualifying, preventing rivals from beating his time.”

This bothered me the whole morning. Did he actually missed the point in the Rascasse or he stopped his car in the middle of the track on purpose? The TV showed the scene from two different cameras: on the helicopter camera, you can see that he actually misses the breaking point and the car hear gets loose; the second camera, just above the cockpit, shows what he do to bring the car under control again: first, he turns to left (correct), then right (correct), the breaks (still correct), then he drives forward (what?) and the stop near the wall (with the tire about 5 centimeters from the wall). Plenty of space to keep going, if you see how near the wall every driver runs on Canada.

On the “interesting facts” is the fact that Alonso, now on the pole, finished the classification 0.064s behind Schumacher. If he didn’t have to slow down due a car in the middle of the track, he would get the pole.

And yes, I don’t like Schumacher: under pressure, he always come to those dirty tricks. ALWAYS. When Ferrari had a superior car, we didn’t got much of this, but right now, when everybody talks about his retirement and Ferrari is going down, he surely do this kind of stupidity.