Apple is now a PC company


yonnage writes “Some Apple MacBook owners are plagued with what seems to be a defective Trackpad button. The button, when pushed, seems “squishy” and sometimes even unresponsive. While these Macbook owners are getting turned away at the Apple Genius Bars, they have come up with a custom and unique solution to the problem. A piece of paper, placed strategically under the battery pack where the trackpad is located, seems to fix this problem for most users.”


Apple has changed their website and removed the “On Your Lap” suggestion that once appeared on the student page. previously reported that Apple has been promoting the MacBook as a laptop, despite their customer service techs and user manuals suggesting against using it on the lap. Does this mean Apple is paying attention?

Apple seems to getting the grip of how the PC (x86) market works.

WGA may disable your Windows

Directly from Slashdot:

thesaint05 writes “We all know about Microsoft’s WGA initiative that started last July. Most of us were troubled to learn that the WGA has been ‘phoning home’ to Microsoft at every boot. Well, get ready, because eventually Microsoft may be turning off copies of Windows without WGA installed. According to a Microsoft technician, ‘in the fall, having the latest WGA will become mandatory and if its not installed, Windows will give a 30 day warning and when the 30 days is up and WGA isn’t installed, Windows will stop working, so you might as well install WGA now.'” A new version of WGA was released on Tuesday and, at least for the time being, Windows users have the option of removing WGA from their systems.

All I can say is: GO MICROSOFT! I would really love if not only WGA being a requisite but, if an invalid version were detected, it completely destroy the system.

That would rule. I’m tired of seeing people complaining that they can’t install something because it needs a new service pack and WGA says their version is invalid. Let’s force them to use real Windows and pay that absurd price.

Of course, not everyone would buy that and a lot of people would simply move to some free operating system with some free applications…

[pt_BR] Governador Rigotto Abandona Rede Escolar Livre e adota Microsoft

Saiu no Projeto Software Livre Brasil:

O Governo Rigotto da mais um passo no abandono do uso de software livre. O Governador lançou com a empresa Microsoft um plano para utilizar os micros do BANRISUL, Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, nas escolas estaduais. Os micros que aqueles foram trocados ha pouco em licitaçao contestado pelo Tribunal de Contas do Estado. Agora foi a Rede Escolar Livre que esta sendo desmontada. O Portal lamenta mais esse retrocesso.

Mas é um guampa torta, filha de uma puta, chupador de piroca, veado, corno manso. Tem mais é que ir pra puta que o pariu, tomar no cú e morrer, de preferência, de forma lenta e agonizante, com um caralho enfiado no rabo.

Governadorzinho de merda, hein?

E não, eu não estou reclamando porque sou envagelizador de software livre. Eu to reclamando porque esse bosta, filha de uma puta tá fazendo isso COM O MEU DINHEIRO!

I have to run and have no legs

Maybe I shouldn’t have played soccer last monday. On the day, everything hurt a little, but that was expected. Next day, things got a little better, with some places still hurting, but that was ok. But today there are two distinct pains on my legs, so strong that it is almost impossible to walk. Well, not quite.

Walking is something that hurt a little, but nothing so painful. Now EVERYTHING beyond that is terrible. Running and walking over ladders is a real test for my pain-resistance skills. Trying to cross Plinio (Brasil Milano, one of the main streets on Porto Alegre) is a real test for my strength.

I just hope this goes away soon, as I don’t have a car to cross the city.

Spiderman 3: Another philosophical piece by Stan Lee

“How long
Can any man fight the darkness
Before he finds it
In himself?”

These are the initial words of the trailer of Spiderman 3, now available at Apple Trailers. With them, we can foresee that the third movie of Spiderman would not be a fight against Venon or Sandman: much like the previous feature, where the main theme was “accept who you are” (and not “Spiderman vs Dr. Octopus”), this movie seems to focus more on personal development, accepting that we have a bad part and a good part (and that there is a little good in being bad and a little bad in being good — ying yang for you all) than special effects and fight coreography.

I really hope I’m right here. I would love to see the spider-head fighting against himself, as much as we fight against ourselves every day, on every action, on every though. “Would this be right or wrong?”

Should I stay or should I go now?

So CScience is dead. Again. This time we got a real hard hardware failure. Maiko (our webmaster, technical support and hardware master) told me that Gaspare’s “tiptop” (a 386 laptop and our server) died in a way that even a reset couldn’t fix. Coqueiro and Hades and looking at the problem, but nothing new yet.

With CScience out, my homepage, died too. I really didn’t like the situation (who would?), so I went to options: I just recalled that Estanislau was paying a hosting service for his domain, and checked the same service, DreamHost. Before I could even get a real grip into the real world, I subscribed for their service for two years. That’s a good thing, as I they have a huge pile of options: website hosting, mail, subversion, calendaring server, MySQL, Jabber and even streaming. I little bit of thinking and I would miss all that.

So far, I’ve added Joomla to the site (using their easy “one-click install” process) and added some content I had on my own machine. That’s one of the coolest things I saw: they have some applications that can be easily added to the site, one for category: Joomla for CMS, MediaWiki for Wiki, WordPress for blogging and so on.

This really got me thinking: since I’m paying for a service that can host a blogging, why don’t I just put everything in one place? I could just have a centralized place for everything-slow. The problem is that I have a paid LJ account too (till the end of year) and the friends page is really a nice addition. Also, I’m not sure if WordPress could handle a blog the way I want to use it (and the way LJ works) and I don’t know if all those guys would want to register on another site (this time, my site) to keep posting comments on my posts (although I’m not getting so much comments lately).

I’ll probably move by the end of the year, but I’m not sure if I should start moving now…

It was really you? (slow plays soccer)

So my legs hurt. They are in this state since yesterday, when I played soccer with some co-workers. You can really say they were desperate for a team, so desperate they had to call me.

I think I’ve never run so much in my life. I mean, I was always too much ahead on every pass. Also, I have a 50% hit rate on the ball: four kicks and two really hit the ball; the others, just air. Go me!

Seriously now: you know when you have that feeling that “yeah, maybe I would like to do it, but I’m not good so I think I won’t do it”? Well, I had it when they call me. Thank God they were really incisive about that, so I didn’t drop out. I really needed something to do, and the first ten minutes proved I was right: after trying to get into every movement (I was the crazy guy that run all over the field), I felt some pain on my left side of the chest. At first my worries go to appendicitis (well, you never know) but, after playing as a goal-keeper for some minutes relieved the pain and I could run again, till my legs gave up.

Right now, it is still hard to walk over any ladder, but I can’t wait for the game next week…