Geek += 1

I just increased my geekness a few weeks ago when I completed “Neuromancer“, Willian Gibson most famous work.

Now, I couldn’t read it without seeing the main character (Chase) as the main character of “Hackers”. Actually, Neuromancer really looks like a clash between “Hackers” and “Bladerunner”. Add a little bit of “Matrix” and “I want to be John Malcowich” and there you have it.

There are some pieces around the end, when you have people in zero-g in an acid trip that you can’t really understand what is going on. Other than that, the story moves nicely. But I wouldn’t recomend it, as the confusing parts took a great deal of the climax of the book.

Well, let’s see what I will find next to improve my geekness…

[And “Geek += 1” ’cause that’s one of the books listed on Top 20 Geek Novels]