Two things I hate on music

There are two things I hate on some musics:

1) It takes about three seconds to play anything. When a music starts, it should point why its going to play; if it takes three seconds of pure silence, the song seems to never begin. Why it can’t just start and show what is going to say?

2) Minutes of claps and cheers and screams at the end of a live song. Man, that is boring. You take a song, say, “Depeche Mode – Never Let me Down Again”, played live in Paris (“One Night In Paris” album) and you have three minutes of claps and cheers after the song is over. Ok, I could just skip the rest of it, but what if there is something good at the end (like the hidden scenes some movies have after the credits)? Also, I like to let the song play completely, so my music player marks another play for it.

The good point of it is that very few songs on my playlist have those problems.