Should I stay or should I go now?

So CScience is dead. Again. This time we got a real hard hardware failure. Maiko (our webmaster, technical support and hardware master) told me that Gaspare’s “tiptop” (a 386 laptop and our server) died in a way that even a reset couldn’t fix. Coqueiro and Hades and looking at the problem, but nothing new yet.

With CScience out, my homepage, died too. I really didn’t like the situation (who would?), so I went to options: I just recalled that Estanislau was paying a hosting service for his domain, and checked the same service, DreamHost. Before I could even get a real grip into the real world, I subscribed for their service for two years. That’s a good thing, as I they have a huge pile of options: website hosting, mail, subversion, calendaring server, MySQL, Jabber and even streaming. I little bit of thinking and I would miss all that.

So far, I’ve added Joomla to the site (using their easy “one-click install” process) and added some content I had on my own machine. That’s one of the coolest things I saw: they have some applications that can be easily added to the site, one for category: Joomla for CMS, MediaWiki for Wiki, WordPress for blogging and so on.

This really got me thinking: since I’m paying for a service that can host a blogging, why don’t I just put everything in one place? I could just have a centralized place for everything-slow. The problem is that I have a paid LJ account too (till the end of year) and the friends page is really a nice addition. Also, I’m not sure if WordPress could handle a blog the way I want to use it (and the way LJ works) and I don’t know if all those guys would want to register on another site (this time, my site) to keep posting comments on my posts (although I’m not getting so much comments lately).

I’ll probably move by the end of the year, but I’m not sure if I should start moving now…