Spiderman 3: Another philosophical piece by Stan Lee

“How long
Can any man fight the darkness
Before he finds it
In himself?”

These are the initial words of the trailer of Spiderman 3, now available at Apple Trailers. With them, we can foresee that the third movie of Spiderman would not be a fight against Venon or Sandman: much like the previous feature, where the main theme was “accept who you are” (and not “Spiderman vs Dr. Octopus”), this movie seems to focus more on personal development, accepting that we have a bad part and a good part (and that there is a little good in being bad and a little bad in being good — ying yang for you all) than special effects and fight coreography.

I really hope I’m right here. I would love to see the spider-head fighting against himself, as much as we fight against ourselves every day, on every action, on every though. “Would this be right or wrong?”