Google registers “That wasn’t suppose to happen”

You know your “switch” cases where you put a “default” with a “You shouldn’t see this message” and “If you see this message, you should be Mary”? Well, Google has those too, but they registered it:

(Yeah, I know they are referring to “Google Reader”, but it seems related to the error message, isn’t it?)

See ya later, Lady Internet

Just a few hours to my move to another appartment. I still have some things to pack and, after that, just a little wait and my WiFi will be unplugged. The new appartment doesn’t have any connection yet (not even telephone), so I’ll stay the rest of the weekend without internet. Also, while the telco and cable company don’t change the connections, I’ll not be able to post at home.

What that’s mean? No posts during the weekend and updates will appear only while I’m at work. Rejoice you all! It also means that all I could do would hear my iPod and finally move some projects forward. I’ve put them on the “Idea pool” on my site, if you are really curious.

Well, see ya. Updates will appear Monday.

“Let’s set so double the killer delete select all”


At Microsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting on Thursday, Vista product manager Shanen Boettcher set out to show just how easy to use the speech recognition technology built into upcoming Windows Vista software will be. Like, for example, dictating aloud a simple, heartfelt letter to mom, and having one’s voice automatically transcribed into a computer.

The result was a disaster.

Several tries at making the computer understand the simple salutation “Dear Mom” was read by Microsoft software as “Dear Aunt, let’s set so double the killer delete select all.” Attempts to correct or undo or delete the error only deepened the mess

As pointed in digg, I want a t-shirt with that.

Unmet promisses: Sony Fontopia MDR-EX71 SL

You guys know that I was looking for a good earphone, for outdoor use. After some struggle, without success, to find some Philips SHS8001/37, I decided to check Apple site. After taking some notes, I decided to check if I could find any of them around. Sony had a model listed there, MDR-EX81. I couldn’t find the exact model, but found one quite near: MDR-EX71 SL. Almost the same specs, I decided to bite the bait. Unfortunately, it proved I was wrong.

MDR-EX71 is also an outdoor earphone. It has some rubber around the phones, to provide a sound barrier from the other sounds. And it fails miserably doing that — the sound isolation was so bad, it provided as much as sound isolation as the original iPod earphones. The sound is fair away from being as clear as the original iPod too: it didn’t provide any of lower sounds boost the iPod earphones provides and that, together with the rubber caps, made me feel like I was climbing some montain and my ears were “closing down” due pressure. Also, it has different sizes for right and left cords; some people like it, some don’t. I don’t have any problem with that, but that difference creates an arc that, when you walk, keeps “banging” into your chest — AND YOU CAN HEAR IT!

Really, it isn’t worth the money, time and everything you could imagine. My suggestion: if you see one, burn it. Fast.