For 20 minutes, Eclipse sucked

As an effort to increase my knowledge about the so-hyped Eclipse IDE, I decided to try it to edit everything, including the HTML+JS project. So I downloaded the last version, struggled with the plugin system (more about it later), added a WebTools packaged and tried to used. The thing that annoyed me first was that, althought all configuration said it could deal with JavaScript files, it still showed as plain text (no syntax highlight, no auto-indentation, nothing). After severel checks in the options, I finally found out that Eclipse was really trying to open the files as plain text and that you need to select a correct “opener” on a context menu.

Trying to open the JavaScript file with the correct option only let to a full 100% CPU usage, altough I could still use the system (thank gods for the nice process management Linux has — I bet I would be screwed up if I tried it on Windows [even if the problem wouldn’t happen, as you will see next). Using ‘top’ showed ‘gij-4.1’ using the CPU. “It may compiling something”, I thought and left it running for about 20 minutes. Frustated, I killed the process and, realizing it could be something related to GCJ (The GNU Java Compiler), I went to Synaptic, trying to remove it. Right I was, as gij is the GNU ClassPath. Removing it removed some other stuff, but that wouldn’t be a problem (like OpenOffice database). Some adjustments in the PATH and I have Eclipse running again, with the option to open the JavaScript with the correct option opening in 2 seconds.

Too bad GNU ClassPath is nowhere near the ability of the official Java…