Schneider Porto Alegre

Schneider is a well known churrascaria (steak house) in Sao Leopoldo. A few years ago, they opened an arm in Porto Alegre, where I went with my family this weekend. If you’re planing going there, here is my advice: don’t.

First of all, they don’t know how to cook the most easily meat: picanha (and that’s something I should learn how to say in English). They managed to burn it outside and let it raw in the inside. So, if you wanted a well cooked piece, you would have to wait to the final pieces, where the salt don’t reach (and, thus, without any taste). Second, they cramped the place with tables in a way that it is even hard to the waiters come to your place; some many people means so much noise that the waiters can’t even understand what you are saying (and when you say “thin slice”, the drop a huge piece in your plate).

The only good thing on it is they see food buffet, which is completely out of place for a steak house.