Books without movies

You know the history: every time I go to the movies, I have to buy some books later. Today, I got the books without the movie, so I have something to do while I wait for news from the visa and to do in the airplane.

In the fiction scene we have Isaaac Asimov’s “Forward the Foundation” (ISBN 0-553-56507-9) and ” Foundation and Earth” (ISBN 0-553-58757-9) and “Star Trek S.C.E. Book Four: No Surrender” (ISBN 0-7434-6443-5). All those are pocket books.

In the computing scene, I bought

  • “Ruby, Conhecendo a Linguagem” by “Estaqui Rangel de Oliveira Jr” (ISBN 85-7452-261-9); I want to know why so much fuss about it and I would also learn how to do a screencast. :)
  • “Guia de Certificação Linux” by “Marcelo Eiras” and “Nelson Mendonça” (ISBN 85-7452-159-0) ’cause I still want to get my LPI certification;
  • Zero Configuration Networking, the Definitive Guide“, by “Stuart Cheshire” and “Daniel H. Steinberg” (ISBN 0-596-10100-7), to learn something I know they are using on TileFile;
  • and finally “Reversing, Secrets of Reverse Engineering” by “Eldad Eilam” (ISBN-10: 0-7645-7481-7; ISBN-13: 978-0-7645-7481-8), because I was always curious about how you can reverse engineer something (and be worth of using that “Reverse Engineer” t-shirt they sell on ThinkGeek).

Well, lots of things to read till trip