Books, BOOKS, BOOKS!!!

Finally, my book collection to the wait is complete. The weekend I bought:

  • Ambler, Scott W. modelagem ágil. Porto Alegre: Bookman, 2004. ISBN: 85-363-0298-4. (Original title: “Agile modeling: effective practices for eXtreme Programming and the Unified Process”, ISBN 0-471-20282-7).
    Yes, I know agile methods suck — at least, everyone I talk to about it says it sucks (and they tell me why it sucks) and the only people that say it doesn’t suck are the people who don’t get their hands dirty — but I want to have the knowledge to say it really sucks (or not);

  • Molinari, Leonardo. Testes de Software: Produzindo sistemas melhores e mais confiáveis. São Paulo: Editora Érica, 2003. ISBN: 85-7194-959-X.
    I know software testing, I know regression tests and I know you should write the test before writing the code, but I really want to put names on what I’m doing.

  • Pilgrim, Mark. Mergulhando no Python: O guia rápido e prático para dominar o Python. Castelo Rio de Janeiro: Alta Books, 2005. (Original title: “Dive into Python”). No ISBN.
    It is the printed version of the online book (available at, but I think printed versions are easier to read, even more if you in a plane. Also, even if I know python, there are topics like introspection, testing units, functional programming, refactoring, amongst others.

That’s it. I’ll not buy any more books in Brazil for a long time now. :)