A day in the game

It’s been a long time since I talked about GuildWars. Well, this is an update:

Today GuildWars entered a “Halloween” special event. Every three hours, Mad King Thorns would appear, make some jokes, ask people do do some emotes and tell some stupid stuff. After each conclude action, you get a “ghost-in-a-box” (a box that makes a ghost appear right in front of up, but disappears after a short time), witch’s brew (a potent alcoholic beverage, turns the screen red and add some waves to the image), absinthe (add some green flames to your char, turn the screen green and add some blur), squash serum (add some pumpkin image around your char head) and transformation tonic (turn your char into a corn candy or something like that). All those tricks took 30 minutes to complete. In the end, you get a pumpkin head if you are in Lion’s Arch and a wicked hat if you are in Kamandan.

Also, all NPCs in Lion’s Arch and Kamandan turned into monsters, pointing it as a joke of Mad King. New NPCs appeared as collectors, changing random items to some of those above items. As I’m trying to get the title of “Drunkyard” by staying drunk for 1000 minutes, and witch’s brew being so strong (just two bottles would make your char drunk). One of those collects wanted just two “glowing hearts”, an item dropped by “fire imps”, who stay just right next to the door to Lion’s Arch.

So, my day consisted of: 30 minutes listening to Mad King and two hours and half running after fire imps, changing glowing hearts into witch’s brew and getting drunk.

Just one problem: Kamandan is a city in the Nightfall series, released recently, which I didn’t have. “Didn’t” because, trying to get the wicked hat, I bought it. Now I own the three parts of the game and can go anywhere in this universe. So far, I can say that the new universe is bigger than the previous installments (anything would be bigger than Cantha, the area of “Factions”). There are two new classes: Paragon, a leader with skills to boost a whole group at once and Dervish, warriors with long scythes. I’ve created a new Derverish and it is really worth: they start with abilities like hitting more than one enemy with just one swing. Oh, and the new campaign has this African/Egyptian theme.

So, that’s it. New pictures soon.