Mergulhando no Python (”Dive Into Python”)

I just finished reading “Mergulhando no Python”, the translated and printed version of “Dive Into Python“. Not that I’m a newbie when dealing with Python, but there is always some tricks you don’t know or just forget. And that’s something the book is really good at. Well, not only that. If you are a newbie, you could learn how Python works just reading the book.

The organization of the book is quite good too. The author don’t rush into explanations and don’t show things that weren’t mentioned before. And, when it does, he really takes the time to explain what that means.

Since I’m not a newbie, there were some things I already knew, but there were some that I didn’t knew or never realized. Like Python introspection (getattr, hasattr functions), which I never realized. Also, every interesting block of code have a note explaining some trick behind it. And the author really explains what he is doing when it doesn’t make sense doing the way he did (for the sake of teaching). Even more, a chapter about Performance Tuning have several explanations of the Python internals and how to code having that in mind.

For people who code or want to learn how to code using Python, that’s the book. The only missing bit (in my opinion) is some general explanation about Python eggs (the Python packages).